hey guys, me and my brother are heading up to the pinkerton show of the roseland shows.

we're getting there fairly early to get front row, if anyone whose going to the show wants to meet up and keep us company, please do.

just to give you a hint at what we love about weezer:


1. Pinkerton


3. Blue

4. Maladroit

5. Green

6. Make Believe


.....the other 3 don't even rank


Tags: black, from, h***, maladroit, pinkerton, roseland, songs, the

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I'll be drinking rather heavily before the show...but I'll be there...
no biggy, my brother's 14 and im 18, so you wont feel left out

CrackerJack said:
im only 16, so i dont know if ill be welcome, but i desperately want front row, or close to it, so ill probably be there at least 3 hours early
I was planning on going to the Blue show

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