Hey guys. I've been a Weezer fan since third grade and now I'm in ninth. I guess you could say my older brother got me into Weezer. I enjoy them from Blue Album all the way up to Make Believe with some of the Red Album. I have a question though... Is anyone else sad? Is anyone disappointed the direction the band went in the last couple of years? I can see that they're experimenting with new sounds and that's great but I'll have to admit that I think it's just downright terrible. This is my own opinion though. Weezer kind of reminds me of Kiss when they were experimenting with new sounds. It was a great thing, and people were shocked by some of the moves they make, e.g. removing their makeup, disco, and crappy outfits.


When I think about Kiss I also think about Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. Peter Criss was "fired" or "quit" for drugs and money problems. Ace Frehley left because he didn't like the direction the band was going. Less rock? THAT IS NOT KISS.


Look at Weezer. They're somewhat going the same direction as Kiss. It makes me sick hearing these songs that Weezer sends out to their loving fans. To me they don't even have a Weezer feel to them and it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it, literally.


The greatest experience of my life was when I went to my first Weezer concert around 2006. Damn the Make Believe tour was great. Now all of that is gone. Well, for me it is. I would go to a Weezer concert in a heartbeat if they were like their old selves again. That is all just a dream. I think I missed the events for Blue Album and Pinkerton being replayed. Damn, this is s***. Now you guys are reading this piece of s*** complaint with all of these grammar error and I feel like an ass. Maybe I'm just sad that the world around me is changing and one of the big parts of that world was my older brother and Weezer.


I can also understand that River's is at peace now and he has a family of his own now, so he wouldn't have any need to make sad songs now that he has a happy life. I don't know...maybe it's the fact that they're getting old and they're going from Weezer to Geezer. I'm done now I guess...




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You just connected with there early stuff. All people's interest are different.  I think they interesting. And I love the music they make together. Glad they keep busting out albums. 

Zach Smith said:

The Beatles are The Beatles. Weezer is and never will be The Beatles. You cannot expect Rivers to write the same damn song over and over again. I have to agree with some others, I do like Ratitude except for In The Mall and Love Is The Answer. Yes it is way too poppy, but there are quality songs on it. Hurley was an awesome leap forward for Weezer. It took me months and months of listening and readings posts about it before it clicked but once it did I was stoked. DTFM was pretty bad. But oh well. I love the direction Weezer is going in...... The fact that they are touring and making music is the only direction we should all care about.

Jordan Almodovar said:

I get where your coming from but when I think about bands getting older I think of the Beatles. Most of the music there known for was later in their career. Maybe yeah the songs now aren't as sad and Pinkerton/Blue-ish but, the songs that are good are GREAT. The amount of good quality drops with age but the few songs that are of good quality are even better. They're experienced now is what I'm saying....I think.

If Weezer can continue more toward what they did on Hurley and improve on that sound in the future I think they could be getting somewhere.

I love the Beatles as much as the next music fan but comparing the 2 bands leaves out one huge factor. While the overall number of albums released is similar, the Beatles did that in only a 6-7 year span from 1964-1970. The number of quality songs between the 2 bands again is reasonably similar. But at the height of the Beatles musical skill at the end of their career time-wise would have been between Pink and leading up to Weezer's newfound popularity with Green. Bands today just don't release 3 albums a year. While the Beatles were second to none the production on the albums wasn't great and like any other band only 3-4 songs an album were good. I'm sure Weezer had enough demos lying around between Blue-Pink-Green to fill half a dozen sub-par albums with 2 good songs and 8 blah ones too.

I am like you i have been a fan of weezer since a very young age for me i have loved them since i was 6 years old and now i am 14 i love their early albums but the more recent one aren't good at all.  And dispite that i am dying to see them perform but they wont come to philly 

I am like you i have been a fan of weezer since a very young age for me i have loved them since i was 6 years old and now i am 14 i love their early albums but the more recent one aren't good at all.  And dispite that i am dying to see them perform but they wont come to philly 

Maybe if you get off the crack you will like Weezer's sound again. How could you say such horrible things? Be open to change...it will happen whether you like it or not. Sorry to be harsh, but I love Weezer. I will defend them fiercely.

This does not mean that I don't love you too...because I do ♡

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