It seems to me like most Weezer fans can't stand Raditude. I love it myself and think it's a cool album, so my question is, who else enjoys it?

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Emily Allison said:
I love all the Weezer albums but I do prefer their more grungy stuff, like the Blue Album and Pinkerton. Raditude is still an awesome album though, and I don't really mind that it's a bit more 'poppy' than their previous albums because the songs are great xD
blue and pinkerton arent really grunge

Ross Thomas said:
I really didn't like Red at all aside from a few tracks (Pork and Beans, Troublemaker, Miss Sweeney) and to be honest it amazes me that people can say that it's better than Raditude. When Rad came out I heard all this negative stuff about it so I put off getting it until I listened to some on Spotify and was surprised at how good it sounded. When I got the album I was even more surprised - it's excellent! It's so totally tounge in cheek, I just don't think people get that. Lil Wayne and Rivers singing about partying? It's genius!! It has one weak track for me, the last song on the album but even that is not a disaster. I'll take Rad over Green, Red, Maladroit or Make Believe anyday. It's the album Make Believe tried to be for me, a perfect pop album.

I definitely agree about Red (except that I like even fewer tracks on it...); as for Maladroit, that one's pretty hard to beat for me.

Anyway, Raditude isn't half as bad as people make it out to be. It was actually my first Weezer album (I know, I'm a latecomer... if it helps, I bought Blue the same day, and picked up the rest of their full albums within a month); at first, I loved it, but then it started paling against Blue and Maladroit. I listened to it again a few months later, and it sounded better to me. The only problems I have with it are Lil' Wayne's verse on "Can't Stop Partying" (I just hate gangsta rappers), and "In the Mall" and "Let It All Hang Out" are pretty bland. The singles are pretty decent (though I prefer the versions from "Happy Record Store Day!"), and "Put Me Back Together" is the best song since "Burndt Jamb" IMO.
I don't know why people hate it so much? It's different but bands do that. Their fans either like it or they don't. It's a catchy fun album in my opinion. From the going out anthem let it all hang out to the falling in love ballad of if your wondering. I thought it was cool.
I love it. It is so good. It might be my third favorite album next to Hurley and Death to False Metal.
I love the album. It's very upbeat, you can't sit still when you listen to it. Haha! I get a cardio workout whenever I play it. The music is different, sure, but did you really expect them to write the same music forever? I didn't. That's what makes a good band. They evolve, and hopefully you can evolve with them. The diversity to me is perfect. No matter what mood I'm in, there's a song that works.
I can see why some people are not liking Death to False Metal - upon first listen it has a Raditude style poppy production which I actually like but many won't
i love it its amazing i dont see why people dont like it its always good to try new things aswell
I really enjoy it, I would say I love it! I do not think it was as much of a departure as RED and just because it is more "poppy"?
Weezer are poppy.
Heck yes, Raditude rules.
I enjoy it. There are some really catchy songs, but there isn't much substance which leads to less replay value. It also has a few really bad songs. I do think Trippin, IDWTLYG, Prettiest Girl and Truck are fantastic though.

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