It seems to me like most Weezer fans can't stand Raditude. I love it myself and think it's a cool album, so my question is, who else enjoys it?

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I like Raditude quite a bit. In fact, I like it almost as much as Pinkerton. The songs are very catchy and extremely funny. It's all about satire, folks. I'm Your Daddy and Can't Stop Partying are brilliant.
raditude is the epitome of a grower. it's so freaking FUN.
no way dude, no way.

Krambo42 said:
I like it a lot. I think it's better than Red, Maladroit and Make Believe.
A parrot could sing Can't Stop Partying better than LW. I can't stand that nasally, sissy-boy voice of his. The Alone II version and the AOL session with Chamillionaire are far superior.

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:
To each their own. It's cool to see how different people's opinions are on here. Example, I personally think Can't Stop Partyin' is one of the best Weezer tracks every recorded. I thought lil weezey fit perfectly, but then I hear a song like "Thought I knew", and skip it everytime. Maybe I just don't like Brian's voice or song writing style. The never liked Space Twins/Relationship.

Mireya Lopez said:
i liked it...the only thing i didnt like, that i thought they made a wrong turn was that song with lil wayne...cant stop partying....i just dont see it as a weezer song=/ weezy and weezer dont mix..
I really liked raditude!! I thought it was a good transition to something differant.
Raditude is a near perfect album, and on the same ranking as Green and Red. Someone made a point earlier that the problem that most people have with this album is that Weezer made it. And that is because not many people want to hear late 00's pop filtered through pop-punk, and it is sort of an acquired taste, but what's undeniable is the songwriting is very strong, and either mocks or worships the throne of modern-day popular music. Where the Green Album is timeless and focused, Raditude is all about the 00's pop, and each song is a small masterpiece (except maybe Love is the Answer). Can't Stop Partying is a great song.
If Love is the Answer hadn't been on it, I think most people would like it a billion times better.
I like it! Weezer has the right to test, and expand, and grow! It's different, but it's still Weezer!
Love Is The Answer is a good song, its just a bit too experimental for most peoples liking

Eileen S said:
If Love is the Answer hadn't been on it, I think most people would like it a billion times better.
I enjoy it. I enjoy all of their albums. And I have been listening to this band since I saw the video for Undone on Mtv when I was 14. Do they have songs on their albums that I care for less than others? Yes. Do I come on message boards and cry about it? No. But the most vocal people are always the one's who don't like something. Seriously. The only time people vocalize their opinions are when they're unhappy. When was the last time you praised a manager at a retail store or restaurant for an employees good work? How many of you take their satisfaction surveys unless you're pissed? Think about it. I suggest the Weezer "fans" on this site try enjoying the music from a band you like, instead of getting all pissy because each album doesn't sound like Pinkerton. Thank you Weezer; I, and many other true fans, enjoy and respect what you do.
Well said Matt! I couldn't agree more.
I love Let it All Hang Out, Tripping Down The Freeway, I'm your Daddy, And If you're Wondering if I want you to. Unfortunately, The rest isn't something I would listen to.

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