It seems to me like most Weezer fans can't stand Raditude. I love it myself and think it's a cool album, so my question is, who else enjoys it?

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The whole, "I'd like it if it weren't a Weezer album," or, "It's a good album but a terrible Weezer album," thing is kind of dumb (sorry).

If you like it, then like it - it shouldn't matter that it's so different. Consider following AC/DC if you're focused on what a band should and should not be for the sole sake of being focused on what a band should and should not be.
I think Raditude is a great album.
I like it a lot. I think it's better than Red, Maladroit and Make Believe.
I like it. The best are songs: Trippin Down The Freeway, If You're Wondering, I'm your Daddy, and Put Me Back Together.
I like it, but it isn't my favorite Weezer album. It's a pretty solid album.

Birdmagon said:
I like it, but it isn't my favorite Weezer album. It's a pretty solid album.
It would have been a great album if any modern artist besides weezer made it... Just not up to weezer standards.
yep its better than pinkerton
raditude is a brilliant pop album.
no more, no less. that is all that was intended of it.

the songwriting, arrangements and structures are spot on.
hats off to rivers and co.
i liked it...the only thing i didnt like, that i thought they made a wrong turn was that song with lil wayne...cant stop partying....i just dont see it as a weezer song=/ weezy and weezer dont mix..
I really didn't like Red at all aside from a few tracks (Pork and Beans, Troublemaker, Miss Sweeney) and to be honest it amazes me that people can say that it's better than Raditude. When Rad came out I heard all this negative stuff about it so I put off getting it until I listened to some on Spotify and was surprised at how good it sounded. When I got the album I was even more surprised - it's excellent! It's so totally tounge in cheek, I just don't think people get that. Lil Wayne and Rivers singing about partying? It's genius!! It has one weak track for me, the last song on the album but even that is not a disaster. I'll take Rad over Green, Red, Maladroit or Make Believe anyday. It's the album Make Believe tried to be for me, a perfect pop album.
I <3 Raditude

same with maladroit and album 10

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