Just got my Weezer Tattoo! What does ya think?

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Thank you so much! I'm really thrilled with the way it came out, the artist who did it was amazing!

Jordan said:
That's really awesome how you hid the =w='s in there!

oktobermama said:
Ok, here's my baby ;)  I got this 2 days ago in celebration of my birthday. I had been planning it for years and am so excited to finally have it.  I actually designed it myself, but my awesome tattoo artist polished my idea into the finished product.  The =w= is subtle, but it's there (twice!) ;)
Nice pixies tat!

Kevin (Han De La Solo) said:

This is mine. Not complete yet as I am adding a bit more to it with elements of various song from each band. I have all the ideas ready just searching for the right artist now.

Naota25, Thanks I am looking for another artist right now to add some more to it my arm is still incomplete.
I finally got mine!!! It's a celebration of finishing my master's degree, turning 29 this year, and to commemorate my unbelievable memories tour experience!!!
I  LOVEEE your tattoo, man, it's awesome =]

Oh by the way, i know this person who got "I've got your letter, you've got my song" tattooed on him. Big fan of 'Across the Sea,' eh?

Since my previous posts are now gone....my two =w= tattoos:


i'm getting mine for my birthday in the beginning of july! i wanna get a teeny tiny =w= (not very original i know, but it is where i come from) but i don't know where to get it. somewhere on my back probably, any ideas?
Bokkus? Totally awesome!

Cathy Sherman (Midly) said:

Since my previous posts are now gone....my two =w= tattoos:


Just got this today:




Very nice!

suz{ANNE} said:

Just got this today:




Super Wicked Awesome overload. Mad Cool. Also, Sick.

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