Just got my Weezer Tattoo! What does ya think?

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Hay same space for a =w= tattoo buddy.

Ric Hunter said:

I am 41 years old and I got my =w= tattoo applied on November 18.  I love it, and have no regrets about it.



I should say that band tattoos rule, and haters can h8. I posted my =w= on the first page, but here's my other pride and joy:



also seen:


ok, your tattoo rocks!  Love the way you incorporated the =w= into your sleeve, nothing short of gorgeous.  I am planning on getting (my 3rd) tattoo this March to celebrate a birthday (it's a big one for me), and I'm mulling some ideas over in my head...

John Calo said:

nice to see a bunch of weezer tattoos!  nicely done everyone :) 


i incorporated the =w= into my vines, and as a weezer fan since 1994 i can tell you that i'll never regret it or forget what an influence this band has had on my music career.  they will always be my #1

Wax your legs dude, and it'll look better.

Joey Vergara (The Sweater) said:

I have four tattoos total and two Weezer-related ones.




















Pinkerton artwork + "Across the Sea" lyric









































































it really IS straight, I'm just bent in a weird way to get it with the webcam haha
I like the one on your arm.

Benjamin L. Shachter said:
F****** amazing. The Pinkerton artwork is my dream.

Joey Vergara (The Sweater) said:

I have four tattoos total and two Weezer-related ones.




















Pinkerton artwork + "Across the Sea" lyric









































































Wow! Great thread.

I have no Weezer tattoos on me, but I really appreciate the art. All of mine are philosophical or cultural heritage related.


There's some impressive work on here. I always say that if you're going to have art done to your own Sistine chapel (your body, of which you only have one), get yourself a Michelangelo worthy of your skin and art. Don't be someone's practice.


Awesome thread.

got this the day i turned 18....then a few weeks later i heard Beverly Hills for the first time and wondered if i had made a mistake.
Here is my Pinkerton tattoo. I got it a few months back and it's one of my favorites.

I waited until I was 26 years old before I ever got a tattoo, I guess you could say it was a mature decision on my part, but I think it was part of my mid-20's life crisis, haha. But anyways it is on my right wrist, I love it and I would never change it cause Weezer is awesome and the whole world should know it. The only problem is I am a social worker so everytime I testify in court I raise my right hand, haha...oops!

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