Tomorrow is my first Weezer Concert. I'm totally stoked, but I'm sure there's a lot I don't know. Any advice? What's good to know? What can I expect? I can't wait!

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yes, much advice for you young blood...


first, there will only be one big toilet at the concert arena... and they make you all go at the same time.


they also have this thing they called a fire drill.  its a device that they use to drill fire into your head...


did you know that most of the members of weezer don't even write their own music!?!


Finally, that hat that Rivers wears on the cover of the 'red' album isn't even his!


enjoy the show, don't pull any boners! 

Great Advice, great advice.

Two more questions. How early should I get there? And, what should I wear? I'm thinking about an unraveling sweater, or a polo. I'm not sure yet.


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