Who's seeing the Weezers this summer? Anyone seeing them for the first time?

What are you hoping to hear from the guys this summer? This will be their third summer tour with no release to support so it'll be interesting to see what they can do to keep it fresh. I'd love for them to play something new and change their sets up from the shows they played this time last summer. I'd also like to hear their whole catalog better-represented as opposed to just Blue + the hits.

What say you, .com?

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I'm seeing them in Windsor this summer.  I hope to hear a b-side and maybe some rarer tracks, like Angel and the One, or maybe Damage In Your Heart, or even Hang On, Unspoken, or Run Away.

I really hope for more songs from any album after Pinkerton.  It's weird to think that those songs are rarer now than Pinkerton tracks

I am  seeing the mighty =w= for the first time in Toronto. Taking a road trip for this gig.  Can't wait! Looking forward to hearing the Blue album live and can't possibly guess what they have in store for the second set. I am not one to look up setlists from previous shows because I like to be completely surprised.  Songs I would love to hear are: Crab, You Gave Your Love To Me Softly, Perfect Situation, Pardon Me, Trampoline, Susanne, Can't Stop Partying and Damage In Your Heart.  I have no idea what to expect, but I know they will bring the rock.

I'm going to my 10th weezer show at the OC fair. This sounds weird but at this point im hoping for less Blue and Pinkerton since I've been to 3 memories shows. I'd rather here more of other albums represented and maybe a couple b-sides.

Through fate and happenstance I somehow was able to catch Weezer in Schaumburg, Illinois last Saturday. I had low expectations but I was really pleasantly surprised by their performance. Rivers was funny and truly embraced being a frontman (which was not the case in the shows I saw last summer) and the rest of the band was tighter than ever. MY one complaint would be the setlist but it was perfect for a free concert catered towards the casual fan. A lot of people left the concert with huge smiles.

Looking forward to OC Fair and Vegas =D! 

Agreed on less Blue & Pink and more other albums would be cool; would love to hear more off of Hurley. Ruling Me would be awesome. 

I understand OC Fair will be more of a standard hits setlist because of size and circumstance of venue, which is fine, as it is better suited for rocking huge crowds like that. Maybe Vegas will have more chance of 'surprises' as it's a much smaller venue...we'll see!

Less Pinkerton. They only play one song from it (El Scorcho). Why not more Pinkerton and less Blue?

I know they're not playing much Pinkerton now but Id like less since I've been to 3 memories shows

I've seen weezer in Schaumburg and in NH this summer and they are sounding tight. The setlists weren't very varied, but the energy was good, Rivers sounded great, and the guys seemed to be having a lot of fun, which imo always makes for a better audience fun level.

It would be fun to have something new in the setlist, but I didn't walk away disappointed. I do enjoy the occasional cover song or weezer rarity a lot, but lack of one doesn't ruin my experience or anything.

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