most of u guys love these songs. which one is better?

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I like Angel and the one a lot but I have to say Only in Dreams is better because it has a 5 minute solo haha and it says "That way there's no way I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces."
I will go for The Angel and The One, it is beyond awesomeness

WHY!!! YOU!!!!


why you have to make me choose.  These 2 songs and "I don't want to let you go" are my favorite album closers.


I'm still going to have to say Only In Dreams though.  The build up, and then the drum fill before the end solo is amazing.

Angel and the One. No contest really. Only is Dreams just doesn't have that same sad/moving vibe to it as Angel and the One. You can tell that Rivers really put forth all his emotion in that one and not as much in Only in Dreams. Both great songs though.

every time i hear only in dreams i have a religious flashback and a a-sexual orgasm


so i pick OID

why is this even a question??? Only in Dreams is the greatest rock achievement ever, if you ask me, as far as a single song goes... it is impossible to describe what emotions and sheer epicness are going on during that song, especially the instrumental portions... it expresses something so beyond anything and so central to my being that, yeah.... perfection, man.... i do like angel and the one, really I do, but it will never be OiD....
Angel and the one!!!

Only in Dreams. By far more epic. The musical build up and freak out that closes the song inspires so much emotion alone. It's the instrumental equivalent of "As if I could live on words and dreams and a million screams. Oh, how I need a hand in mine to feel". Interesting that people here don't find the lyrics relatable since I always found them to be.


The Angel and The One is the best album closer since Butterfly (just squeaking by O Girlfriend) however, and definitely one of Weezer's best. Would love to have had a solo in this one but it's still an amazing track as it is.


Oh and this below. Although I can accept a vacuous pop number for a lead single if it means that the focus of the album is placed on songs like Pig, Angel, Sweeney, Prettiest Girl, and so on.


James Stockwell (Jamekae) said:

As much as I love The Angel and the One, I'm going to have to go with Only in Dreams.


But I do want to say that The Angel and the One is precisely the type of songwriting Weezer should be attempting at this point in their career, not little vacuous pop numbers that Rivers can churn out in a day. The Angel and the One is phenomenal and it along with Pig should be the template for the scale of ambition, creativity and maturity in future Weezer output.

I really like streaming them. They both capture this essence of pure sadness. But I'd definitely have to say Only in Dreams is far superior. You simply can not beat that bass.
I don't understand how the solo of OID is "emotional."
Only in dreams, and not that close really.  Angel and the One is my favorite song they've done since 2005 though.  Great song.

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