most of u guys love these songs. which one is better?

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Angel and the One. epic. highlights the red era imo
It a close call but I will have to go with.... Angel and the one
Only in Dreams. I relate to it more, and the solo is do beautiful I almost cry when I hear it. Suck it, Angel and the One!
What do you mean by "which one is better?"
In a fight? Neither, me and my roids will beat down both.

Only In Dreams. But Angel and the One is close behind it.

Great songs!

Only in dreams is more rocking than angel and the one plus only in dreams is more relatable so only in dreams has my vote
only in dreams all the way! nothin beats the three minute guitar solo
Angel And The One

Red Album is amazing
Only in Dreams.  The bass line really stands out.
Only in Dreams by a mile
but Angel and The One is great too
only in dreams. best closing song of any album ever.
only in dreams!

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