just saw two great shows from this guy.  He's an amazing musician.  What I found interesting is that the venue he played in was small and intimate - not really sellouts per say.  I wonder - have any of you heard of him before?

Andy was the singer for Wall of Voodoo from 1985-1990 (the guys who were responsible for "Mexican Radio" - but Andy was not in the band at the time.  It was Stan Ridgway).

If you live or happen to be in the LA area next year around Jan-Feb, you'll be lucky to know that he plans on putting on a show in the future after completing his four night residency at the Steve Allen Theater.  Andy doesn't do a whole lot of concerts, so it is very fortunate that he decided to come back with some.  Andy has a great sense of humor in his shows, and he adds it with bits of storytelling.
Andy also wrote a musical over a decade ago that got some rave reviews.  It was called White Trash Wins Lotto.  Here's a clip of that.

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i was aware of 'mexican radio' but i wouldn't have recalled it was by wall of voodoo. i'm also not familiar with this guy but his shows sounds very entertaining. 

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