What's everyone up to this weekend?


Me -

Today: Physical therapy, watch a movie and drink excessively.

Saturday and Sunday: Shopping and itinerary for Seattle trip.


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Let's party!
Tonight. Undecided as yet
Saturday and Sunday: Shopping and itinerary for Seattle trip.

edgey44 said:

Saturday and Sunday: Shopping and itinerary for Seattle trip.

today: work, got a date tonight...so drinks and hopefully sex

tomorrow: sleep in, afternoon date (different girl), a friend's b-day party at night more boozin'

sunday: walk of shame, more sleep, might visit my friend with a pool.

tonight: driving out to my friend's house in Charlottesville, VA.  spend the night there, maybe have a few drinks

tomorrow: get up early, eat a big meal at friend's favorite breakfast place and drive out to West Virginia to do some whitewater kayaking in the New River Gorge.  plan on doing some afternoon hiking around the mountains as well.

Sunday:  more kayaking, then break down our camp site and drive back home (7 hour drive)

today: get crap together for going camping in Yosemite this weekend. Try to be less sick:(
tomorrow/sunday: camping in yosemite. woot.

Friday: Peach Festival in coloma.  Singing karaoke with my white trash brethern

Saturday: Band practice, mowing the lawn, then Pool party

Sunday: beach, then finding a place to play Open Mic




another boring weekend working on my thesis. eight more weeks to go :/



Fri- gym, chill

Sat- gym, swim, DEEP at Vanguard

Sun- recover, swim



Sat laundry homework sleep and prep the house for sale


Homework and Job hunting, tests and more homework and more homework

Today: went to play group pizza party. The rest of the day will be doing yard work.


Sat: House work, laundry and baking bread


Sun: Beach with fam

tonight: probs dinner somewhere followed by last night's project runway
tomorrow: running some errands, going to the art in the streets exhibit at moca, tbd
the next day: nothing planned at the moment

Today: Worked, listend to Friday I'm in Love by the cure a lot
Tommorow: Wake up early, pay matinee price for 1 movie, see 3, work
the next day: church, dig out an ingrown toe nail, but a sports coat for a enw job interview on monday, watch Breaking Bad.

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