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 Actually, they are both equally easy to read. I guess you have never heard of context clues, but I though of all the people on here you might have been able to catch the meaning without it having to be spelled out. A simple "what the f*** are you talking about" would have sufficed for your first reply, but I guess you just get your rocks by thinking you are superior to people you don't know on the internet.

What I said was only stupid. I am willing to admit my flaws, unlike you who believes that everything they say is right because it came out of your own mouth. The smartest thing to ever come out of your mouth, is Einstein's d***. (The previous sentence is not a attack on the homosexual community, it only implies that nothing smart comes out of kittens mouth, except for the instance when it was Einstein's genitals.)

fluck [kittenž (j.biebž)] said:

for instance, which of these statements is easier to read and understand in relation to the thread title.


An incredible example of Ignorance, Racism, and Stupidity


post #1:
no this is, black people suck...cause they are black


post #2:
no, this is a better example: scott's dope nose




i think you'd better check your definition of context clue, because "no this is" is not one.


Scott's Dope Nose said:

Actually, they are both equally easy to read. I guess you have never heard of context clues...



hence why i clarified and said you were dumb, but not racist. i'm glad we're in agreement.


Scott's Dope Nose said:

What I said was only stupid.

you make my day, edgey.

edgey44 said:
bin laden was brown

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