Dear Karl and Rivers, i'll go straight to the point:

Speaking on behalf of every Die-hard Weezer fans in Canada, South America and Around the World (and even US residents that won't be able to attend the shows), I freakin' hope to God that the Memories Tour will be fully filmed and thoroughly documented to produce a High Definition Double Disc Live Weezer DVD, since most of us non-US residents wont be able to witness and enjoy this "Awesome Event of Epic Proportion".

Weezer is definitly lacking a proper live DVD. Most bands have one, except you guys... and that, I can't comprehend at all.

I would be the happiest boy "in the whole wide world" if my prayers would be answered.
I'm willing to bet that it would become the best selling music DVD ever.

But, if that was not meant to be, then i'll cry and "curse myself for being across" the border.

Pretty please, "make it happen".

please accept this picture of a sad-eyed puppy to remember "how we feel":

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Ali [mutantmanifesto] said:
Best part of this thread? The picture of the Cavalier.

Please make a DVD!
Everyone calm down. I'm sure they've (the higher powers that may be) thought this through. Also, I've seen Karl fiddling around with a snazzy camcorder near the soundboard at the Gibson. Even if it's not an official HD production dealio, there's gonna be good footage of this tour, especially in this day and age.
the shows are getting filmed, think about it, there were projection screens at the first 2 shows, so thats pro-shot footage that could easily be used for a dvd. time will tell.

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