Am I the only one who doesn't totally hate "Cold Dark World"?!

Being the huge Weezer nerd that I am, I've probably read every forum topic on here at least twice, and I've noticed that on several of them, a lot people seem to strongly dislike "Cold Dark World" from the Red Album--even going as far as to say that it's one of Weezer's worst songs (if not THE worst, as I saw more than a few times). Now I'm not saying that I think it's super-duper-mindblowing-ly amazing or anything like that, but I do enjoy it quite a bit and I definitely don't consider it to be one of Weezer's bad seeds at all. Just curious to see some your input and opinions of this song, on both sides. 

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The Red album rocked, I liked Heart Songs, Thought I Knew, Pig, TGMTEL the most off of Red. Cold Dark World is okay, I agree with the weird lyrics but then El Scorcho has weird lyrics too and most of us like it. Red is very underrated in my opinion too. I place it as the third best =w= album in my humble opinion
I don't get why people single out the lyrics to this song. Sure they're not brilliant - they're far from it, but surely the TGMTEL and Troublemaker lyrics are much worse.
I like Scott's vocals on this song.

I like that they included a version with Rivers' vocals in the iTunes Weezer Raditude Club Pass.

It's fun to compare the two.
i like it.....
it's my favourite song from Red.
What can I say? I like the more pop-y/rock sound

Michael Rowland (Gohi) said:

Timmy Lunt said:
I like it. It's not the worse (the worst songs I think (sorry to all you out there) come from Pinkerton) or the best (the best songs come from Death To False Metal). But Cold Dark World might be in my top 25 favorite Weezer songs.
Damn. You've got a unique view on Weezer.
It's an alrihgt song, not the best but alright none the less. there were better songs on the red album...
i won't listen to it just to listen to it, but if I'm listening to the red album, i won't skip over the track

I like it alot. not my favorite on red but its still good despite its flaws =w=

Yes you are, next topic please.

i don't hate Cold Dark World, I really like it.  I think it is quite romantic like alot of the Wezzer stuff.

It was co-written with scott i think, so that may be his terrible lyrics.

BankyConan said:

"I'm not like the others, I'll be like a brother,
I will protect you, never disrespect you,
but if you need love then I'll be here to sex you."

No matter what anybody says..this has gotta be some of the worst River's lyrics ever. Sorry. I like Red, but cringe everytime i hear this song.

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