What's the deal with it. On weezerpedia it says it's coming out in decemeber and there is a tracklisting. However, I am skeptical to believe so due to the fact that I read it off of a wiki. What you you guys know about the upcoming record??????????????????!???!?????

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so it looks like they are both still scheduled for nov? wow nov is filled with rivers goodness. this thanksgiving when i'm asked what i'm thankful for i'm going to say "rivers cuomo"

PinkerTRON said:
Answers on both Alone III and the Pinkerton Diaries:

in a piece of music, there are sometimes points where you go back to a certain point in the song, then there will be a symbol above a certain measure bringing you to a totally different section of music called a coda. in a way, a coda is simply a reprise but an effective way to end a song. n00b

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:
What does "coda" stand for?

elscorcho said:
The Pinkerton Diaries, right?

blakesp26 said:
the book rivers has been working on comes with alone 3? sweet...i've been waiting for more news on that.

It Really Happened said:
rivers said "hopefully december" at the breakfast w weezer thing a while back. who knows if that's still the case. i'm stoked for DTFM and the legendary GUAL (and soon to be fullband LONGTIME SUNSHINE w coda!!) is beyond words, but ALONE 3 is what i'm really hyped for. especially the book that supposedly comes withit.

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