Alone III and Pinkerton Diaries Finally on Pre-Order

You can finally pre-order Alone III and Pinkerton Diaries on Rivers' online store:
Anyone going to be in the first 500 to pre-order? 

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$75! Woah!

It's here, it's here, it's here!


Pre-ordered! BOOM!

I probably won't be in the first 500 :(
When's the release date?

Confirmation email says they will start shipping out week of Dec 12th. !

it says "This item is scheduled to ship the week of December 12, 2012."

Farkas said:

When's the release date?
Thank you. Maybe I will get it. December 12 is close to Christmas. 

should be Dec. 12, 2011...

soooooo can we get it without the book so I'm not paying $75 for a friggin CD?  If not I'll just have to get it through other methods

Awesome! Locked and loaded.

Mission accomplished. Awww yeah!

CD should be anywhere from 10-15 dollars...Book should be 20-25 dollars.  According to my calculations, this combo shouldn't be more than $30-40 dollars.  Besides the fact that you get a limited edition signed poster with it, it's unbelievable that it's $75 total.  Plus shipping of you're probably looking at $80 for everything.


I'll wait and go through Amazon or something.

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