- Boardie Tribute Album (Vol. 4)


On the Bandcamp page you'll also find two download links:

1. 3 Bonus tracks that couldn't get on for technical reasons

2. An instrumental cover version of Songs From The Black H*** by Nice Pouliot

Thanks for checking this out! A lot of fans worked really hard on this, and we hope you like it.

It also includes songs by other Weezer related bands like the Space twins, the Special Goodness and the Rentals!


You can listen to all the songs on the site, but only as 128/kbps MP3's, so to get the real juicy vinyl warmth you all desire, you can download the album in the format you want.

Here's the Tracklist:

1. Ooh - The Bloodcapitain

2. Burning Sun - Holagato

3. Sunshine O - HOMiE

4. Blast Off! - Nice Pouliot

5. Late Night Confessions - Donny

6. Goddess Of Love - Fak

7. King - Dan

8. Falling For You - Maltjik

9. These Days - Jonas5000

10. Friends Of P - Silenttwn

11. N.F.A. - Damplo

12. The End Of My String - Smalls

13. The Other Way - Tussie-Mussie

14. Hash Pipe - Lazrpo1nt3r

15. American Girls [ROCKED OUT MIX!!!] - Donny, The Lifetaker and Runnersdialzero

16. Always - MandaFace

17. Queen Of Earth - Aceythirty

18. I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams - Tkdkid717 and The Lifetaker

19. A Little Bit Of You In Everything - Gary@Blackhouse

20. Jamie - Weetard

21. Tired Of Sex - Maltjik

22. This Is The Way - Ashura252

23. Longtime Sunshine - Rover Stoffe

24. Crazy One - Doppler

25. Smile - Silenttwn

26. Island In The Sun - Fak

27. Dope Nose - Runnersdialzero

For those who are interested, here's the link to the first 3 versions:

Vol. 3:

Vol. 2: Ensemble_ Albumsix Sings_Weezer_Vol...

Vol. 1 Disc 1:

Vol. 1 Disc 2:

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