1. Weezer (1994) - It's really hard to decide between Blue and Pinkerton, but ultimately, Blue is the essential Weezer album. Together, the variety of the tracks create a perfect balance of pure fun and passion, and coming from the peak of Weezer's writing career (sadly), the album is flawless.


2. Pinkerton (1996) - Without a doubt, the most passionate Weezer record. Pinkerton opens up with one of the most emotional Weez songs, "Tired of Sex"—at first listen, you know you're in for something different than Blue. The album carries on with equally thoughtful and sincere tracks—all just as raw and passionate. With frequent mood swings (though constant themes), and several moments of comic relief and wit, we are once again provided with a variety-packed album. Take the closer, "Butterfly," for instance—after nine aggressive tracks, Pinkerton concludes with this remorseful, acoustic ballad that provides more depth then ever into Rivers' emotions. Again, every song is brilliant.


3. Maladroit (2002) - I think Maladroit's favorable reception was so delayed because it doesn't (at first listen, at least) have that general Weezer sound. "Keep Fishin'" teased fans of another fun, catchy record, and when listeners discovered the harder, edgy sound of the rest of the album, many—including myself—were thrown off. However, I, as I imagine others did too, put my expectations aside and gave the album another try. Soon enough the songs grew on me and I eventually realized they were just as catchy as those on Blue and Pinkerton—in their own way, of course. Seriously, this album has some great songs—none ranking below average. Highlights: "American Gigolo," "Death and Destruction," "Burndt Jamb," "Possibilities," "Love Explosion," and "December."


4. Hurley (2010) Hurley is Weezer's semi-return to form after a series of ineffectual and experimental albums. The album's overall sound is like a cross between Pinkerton and The Green Album—the songs are either genuinely representative of classic Weezer (honest emotions; strong vocal hooks; and raw, alternative catchiness), unexciting but not annoying, or somewhere in betweendepending on taste and tolerance. Overall, Hurley does not have any disasters or failures—a significant step up and distinction from the preceding three albums. Because of this, and because of the bundle of exceptional stand-out tracks, Hurley exceeds even The Green Album. Highlights are: "Ruling Me," "Unspoken," and "Hang On."


5. Weezer (2001) - The Green Album is a concise (28 minutes total) assortment of bland lyrics and generic pop rock. Without any risks, none of songs are particularly bad—they're just not (for the most part) particularly good, either. On the other hand, this consistency of moderate quality provides for an especially pleasant album-flow. In the end, however, consistency and comprehension are not enough to save this album from being boring. Highlights are: "Photograph," "Island In The Sun," and "Simple Pages."


6. Raditude (2009) - As far as present-day mainstream pop-music goes, Raditude is as good as it gets. Although Weezer's subject matter has gone from personal struggles and youthful angst to, well, partying, and their sound from raw alternative pop-rock to electronica-influenced power-pop on this album, Raditude still has something Weezer about it. If you set aside the empty lyrics and your longing for the fulfillment that Pinkerton provides, you may actually wind up having a very fun listen. Furthermore, tracks like "Tripping Down The Freeway" and "Let It All Hang Out," despite their atrocious titles, actually have (dare I say it) that Blue Album spirit. Overall, Raditude, considering the suffering many Weezer fans have become accustomed to and prepared for, is not a complete disappointment. However, "I'm Your Daddy's" drum machine-backed beat, "Love is the Answer" (DO judge this song by its title), and Lil Wayne's cameo on "Can't Stop Partying" (yes, you read all of that correctly) prevent Raditude from being a predominantly successful album. Highlights are: "The Girl Got Hot," "Tripping Down The Freeway," and "Let It All Hang Out."


7. Weezer (2008) - No matter how good The Red Album's "Troublemaker," "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived," and "Dreamin'" are, they do not compensate for the record's off songs. Red is wildly and unsuccessfully experimentalit just isn't "Weezer" when supporting bandmates Brian Bell, Scott Shriner, or Pat Wilson sing instead of frontman Rivers Cuomo, whose vocals very much embody Weezer's sound. In addition, these songs (with the exclusion of Wilson's "Automatic" and the inclusion of Cuomo's painfully corny rap-rock "Everybody Get Dangerous") are just generally weird and unsettling—"Cold Dark World," Shriner's creepy girl-stalking anthem (seriously), being the prime example. Highlights are: "Troublemaker," "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived," "Pork and Beans," and "Dreamin'."


8. Make Believe (2005) - Make Believe is almost like Green. Unlike Red, there is a consistency, but instead of Green's "okay" quality, these songs are only subpar. "Perfect Situation," "Hold Me," and "The Other Way" are no better than the average Green song, but songs like "My Best Friend," "We Are All On Drugs," and "Freak Me Out," make them seem exceptional. Ultimately, that consistency of subpar quality puts this album last. Highlights (I suppose...) are "Perfect Situation," "This Is Such A Pity," "Hold Me," and "The Other Way."


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elscorcho said:
There is an acoustic version


nrezeewg said:
Yeah, I actually really like the lyrics to "O Girlfriend." I think I would have preferred if it were acoustic though. Thank you for your positive feedback!

Chuck Yorio said:
I would add to the highlights of Maladroit "Slave" and Raditude "I don't want to let you go" Green "Smile" and "O Girlfriend" I just think any fan should listen to those tracks.. Just my two cents but GREAT POST!

I don't think this is Weezer.
I think Red and Make Believe are amazing albums and should be #4 and #5. I disagree with Hurley being #4, as well. I do agree that Maladroit should be this high up on the list, however.
Pinkerton- Love it

Blue- Love it too (It has rocked since I bought it in high school)

Red- Why do people dislike this album? I love it, they switched roles in some songs but it was still great. Brian started playing lead guitar and he is AMAZING...

Make Believe- Underrated because of crap singles, the album is very good (The Other Way, Haunt You Everyday, Crab, My Best Friend)

Green- Decent album

Hurley- Like it

Maladroit- This album has a different feel but still great songs and lyrics

Raditude- I liked Put Me Back Together SO MUCH- but the songs didn't seem to flow but it didn't suck as bad as it could have.

I think every =w= fan can see the good in each album
LOL @ people who think Maladroit is "edgy".
ye... nahh.

Well this IS a forum dedicated to Weezer. Ranking, especially with explanation, is just another way to talk about and analyze the albums. It also allows people who haven't heard every album to see which ones people in general like the most, and listen accordingly. It's just interesting to see how other people who love Weezer appreciate their music differently.

berry_rydell [berry_rydell] said:

what is it with the obsession of ranking albums? can you guys really not think about music other than in strictly linear, 'x is better than y' terms?

I agree, Red is definitely my favorite after Pinkerton and Blue. Awesome album! That ending with The Angel and The One is amazing

Abby said:

Pinkerton- Love it

Blue- Love it too (It has rocked since I bought it in high school)

Red- Why do people dislike this album? I love it, they switched roles in some songs but it was still great. Brian started playing lead guitar and he is AMAZING...

Make Believe- Underrated because of crap singles, the album is very good (The Other Way, Haunt You Everyday, Crab, My Best Friend)

Green- Decent album

Hurley- Like it

Maladroit- This album has a different feel but still great songs and lyrics

Raditude- I liked Put Me Back Together SO MUCH- but the songs didn't seem to flow but it didn't suck as bad as it could have.

I think every =w= fan can see the good in each album

1. Pinkerton: To me this album is the epitome of musical perfection. This is the only album from any artist that I cannot find a single flaw. I will be listening to this album for many many years. There is not one even remotely bad song. From the screaming opening of "Tired of Sex" to sentimental "Across the Sea" to the silly but still emotional "Pink Triangle", it just doesn't get any better than this. There is so much raw emotion on this album and I bet if Rivers' heart had a soundtrack it would be Pinkerton.

Best Tracks: All of them!

2. Blue Album: Playful, near-perfect, always a fun listen. Weezer had such a distinct sound on Blue and Pinkerton and this album is also the one that started it all. Extremely catchy, every song is a gem. Who can forget "Buddy Holly", "Say It Ain't So", or "Only In Dreams"? Like Pinkerton, I will be listening to this album for many, many years.

Best Tracks: All of them!

3. Make Believe: Severely underrated. I'll never understand peoples' hate for this album. Some of the songs are some of Weezer's best in my opinion. It's consistent, catchy, and just an overall fun album. Most songs are a joy to listen to, and to me this represents Weezer's best post-Pinkerton material.

Best Tracks: Perfect Situation, The Damage In Your Heart, The Other Way, Haunt You Everyday

4. Maladroit: I was super pumped when this album came out. I was initially incredibly disappointed with the Green Album and after hearing Maladroit I felt Weezer had redeemed themselves. One glaring issue I notice, however, is inconsistency. Because of that, I feel this album almost feels more like a collection of really good demos rather than a cohesive album. But other than that it's very solid, and there is no song that I strongly dislike. It's a good listen the whole way through. No, it doesn't have that typical Weezer sound (but what does nowadays?) but I've liked it since it came out and I still like it today.

Best Tracks: Keep Fishin', Take Control, December, Love Explosion

5. Hurley: Not quite the "return of classic Weezer" as some people have described it, but a good, solid album nonetheless. I really didn't like it much when it first came out but after listening to it over and over, it really grew on me and now I couple it with the 4 above albums as the best of Weezer. It's mostly consistent, a fun album, and pretty catchy too.

Best Tracks: Ruling Me, Unspoken, Where's My Sex, Trainwrecks

6. Green Album: When this first came out I absolutely hated this album. It sounded nothing like Blue or Pinkerton and I have placed it on the bottom of my list for many years. However, I've recently re-listened to it and it's not bad. However, one thing I hate about this album is that every song sounds the same. It's a catchy album, and very poppy, but its strengths are also its downfall. I also feel like this is their least sincere album to date. It feels very disconnected, unemotional, and just poppy for the sake of being poppy. With that said, it's still a fun listen and by no means a bad album. I just expect more from Weezer.

Best Tracks: Smile, O Girlfriend, Simple Pages

7. Raditude: While I definitely feel this is one of Weezer's worst, it is not at all a terrible album. In fact it is fun to listen to from time to time, but it suffers from being generic. There is no Weezer sound on this album and feels like just another pop-rock album. Weezer is much better than this. There are no real stand-out tracks. Not to mention this is the album in which Weezer notoriously dropped the F-bomb. On a rap portion of a song no less. Rap? In Weezer? Okay... That said, I do like this album despite it being ranked second to last. It just feels insincere and dispassionate.

Best Tracks: I'm Your Daddy, Put Me Back Together, The Underdogs (deluxe)

8. Red Album: For diehard fans of this album, you might want to cover your eyes. This album is a near-disaster. I have really, really tried not to use the words "bad" and "Weezer" in the same sentence but this album isn't just bad - it's downright terrible. If you want more than 1 good song then you have to pay extra and get the deluxe album. That's right - this album's best song )Miss Sweeney) is only available in the deluxe version. Even if "Miss Sweeney" was included on the main album this would still rank at the bottom. This album suffers from a severe identity crisis. What is it, exactly? For all of Maladroit's inconsistencies, it was still a fantastic album. This, though? This is experimentation at its worst. "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" is a very good song and is by far the best on the Red Album, but how can they put a gem like that on the same album as "Cold Dark World", "Thought You Knew" and "Troublemaker"? "The Angel and the One" tries to be too hard to be "Only In Dreams" and is far inferior. "Pork and Beans" I initially liked but it tries too hard to sound like it belongs on the Blue Album but it falls short of that. Letting the other band members sing is the biggest mistake on this album. I'm all for experimentation but not when 30% of the album is sung by the other band members. Okay, maybe you feel I'm being unfair to this album, but remember this is only my opinion. If you like this album, great, I'm glad. I was extremely disappointed by the album and I can't even listen to the whole thing from start to finish. With that all said, deluxe edition included, this does have some good songs.

Best Tracks: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Miss Sweeney (deluxe)

1, Green (yeah I said it): Superbly catchy album, much prefer it to any of Weezer's other albums, a very happy album and the first 4 songs are absolutely amazing in my opinion. 

2, Pinkerton: Weezer's most complicated album musically and darkest, all the band members are doing their own thing and it all comes together so well.

3, Blue: Very catchy, good musically and there's so much energy throughout the whole album, but for some reason there's just something which stops this album from being my number 1............

4, Maladroit: Initially I wasn't too keen on the album, but it has grown on me loads and the songs are catchy whilst being great rock songs at the same time. I do however think that some of the demos recorded prior to this album were better than the finished product.

5, Make Believe: There's always been certain songs off this album which I've always loved, but at times I can get a bit bored with this album. Its a great listen though and there aren't any songs which I dislike.

6, Red: If only the songs that were bonus tracks were put on this album then it would have been one of Weezer's best, but some songs just really don't belong on a Weezer album. the number of bad songs outweigh the good ones so that's why this album doesn't rank too high for me.

7, Hurley: Overall a pretty good album, but there just isn't really any tracks that are memorable and stand out. It was also kind of annoying how there are so many other random musicians involved that took the roles of actual Weezer members on some songs on the recording of this album.

8, Raditude: There are actually some great songs on this album and I think people are way too harsh about this record, but the fact that there's rapping on the album.........That completely ruined it for me.

Hugh Lovric said:

1, Green (yeah I said it):

You like the Green album? I don't buy it.

I find the whole album thoroughly enjoyable and its a perfect summer record. some of the songs are also very good lyrically, for example "Smile" and "O Girlfriend". "Island In The Sun" actually happens to be my favorite song because I just love its production and the intro where its just the guitar, then drums and then there's the bass glissando before finally all the instruments come in playing the main riff which I love to listen to. I'm not saying its a perfect album, but for me its like a more modern version of Blue which I think is a good thing and I would've liked to have heard all the other contenders for this album that were never released like "Ayleen" and "Homely".

Gohi said:

Hugh Lovric said:

1, Green (yeah I said it):

You like the Green album? I don't buy it.

I was kidding because you constantly tout that as your favorite Weezer album.

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