I never listened to Pink Floyd but was thinking they might be a good influence on my songwriting.  what do you guys think?  And what other epic rock records out there should I listen to?  thanks.

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I'd love to hear a Wings inspired album. furthermore, take indivdual beatles solo careers and see how they changed and learn something from their growth. That journey could be cool.
Pearl Jam's Vitalogy. It's Dark and somber at some points.
The Beatles - Revolver The most rocker album by them
The Cure - Disintegration I think this album is their Pinkerton
The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness A classic
Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head Some amazing songs here, the opening track is epic
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans Excellent album
Michael Jackson - Bad For me his best album, the songwriting is the best, also listen to the bonus tracks and outtakes
Chetes - Hipnosis This one is a mexican guy, this album is his best, the lyrics are in spanish, great album, one of the best in Mexico

Hope you find this useful Rivers.

Dan M. said:
Ben Folds Five - Whatever Bad Religion - The Gray Race

Good mix of everything in those 3 albums. Lyrically and musically, they are great.

I second This.. maybe even Stranger Than Fiction aswell!
Another vote for Ben Folds - Way to Normal. The song "B**** went Nuts" has the most amazing background vocals in it, and the song sounds huge, with only 3people playing on it.

If you haven't heard Explosions in the Sky, or seen an episode of Friday Night Lights, then check out, "First Breath After a Coma". That song is as epic as they come, and makes you want to go out and score touchdowns/goals.
Anything by Big Star
Thanks, Rivers, for reaching out to us! I myself am getting inspired by reading all the suggestions so far.

Epic rock records... hmmm... I second those above who mentioned: Queen, Arcade Fire, Pedro the Lion (Achilles heel--mellow and rock), Mute Math, Ben Folds Five. Zepplin! Dare I say Aerosmith (I keep hearing the cooing of Sweet Emotions done by =W= in my head). How about Muse? You caught a bit of them at VooDoo... they are AMAZING. Green Day Dookie? Ahh, the teenage years...

I think a route you could go is by going a little more folky sounding (thinking Ray LaMontagne and Mumford and Sons -- they have become uber popular while maintaining some real good folk roots). They bring in different instruments in their arrangements, a la Hurley with all your guest musicians (Michael Cera on what was it, a mandolin?)

Recently, I've been absolutely loving Metric and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (both female fronted). Maybe a little Patti Smith? Get back in touch with your feminine side :)
I second The Toy Dolls, Dinosaur Jr, and The Flaming Lips. You should have a discussion with Scott about Pink Floyd, and throw King Crimson in there.

Also, one of my lifetime favorites, THE WATERBOYS:


Bill said:
i think absolutely think its time for weezer to do a rock opera where the songs all blend together and morph into each other. would love to see that.

A little pink Floyd never hurt anybody. David Gilmore is one of my favorite guitarists, just listen to the tone and touch he has on his guitar, he's in total control.
As far as other records out there I would suggest Revolver and Abbey Road, or anything by the Beatles really
Moody Blues
On The Threshold of a Dream
To Our Children's Children's Children.

Razorblade Suitcase

Collective Soul
Anything by them is good :)

Fantastic Planet
Faith No More
Good stuff, get the greatest hits album!

Title of Record

Downward is Heavenward

Every Man For Himself

King Crimson
In The Court of The Crimson King
Absolutely amazing album

Modest Mouse
Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Lonesome Crowded West


What's the Story Morning Glory?
Heathen Chemistry

Pink Floyd
Meddle (favorite album by them)
Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Dark Side of the Moon

Queens of the Stone Age
Songs For the Deaf

Automatic for the People

Pablo Honey
The Bends
OK Computer

Screaming Trees

Smashing Pumpkins
SIamese Dream
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Stone Temple Pilots
Shangri-la Dee Da
Tiny Music

The White Stripes
White Blood Cells
...heck anything. They're amazing


...I just kinda went through my iTunes and posted stuff I liked, or that has inspired me to write recently :)


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