I never listened to Pink Floyd but was thinking they might be a good influence on my songwriting.  what do you guys think?  And what other epic rock records out there should I listen to?  thanks.

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Every essential about beauty in 10 minutes or less.
Buffalo Springfield Box Set - all demos to complete songs.
i think you should listen to Ok computer by Radiohed. that album is awesome and i'd like to hear weezer do some stuff like that.
1. If you need a song in a somber mood and a (sorry for saying) EPIC solo, go for Comfortably Numb.
2. Rush is quite good (their latest compilation called "Gold" is really good if you haven't listen to it). I've been on a binge music listening spree on Oasis because of the realization of them disbanding of them and it is finally hitting me thanks to Youtube.
3, The album is kinda (like almost a year old) new is OK Go's "It Too Shall Pass" especially both videos posted of the song.
4. And lastly, The Clash's album "London Calling" is very good because of the variation of style in each song almost like what the Blue Album consisted of.
Spot on SPAZMATIK1....classic album.


i totally agree with all those Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin recommendations. every album of this bands can be the source of inspiration.
i'd like to bring some national colour (at least unenglishs-peaking band) and advise you russian band "Сплин"

Pink Floyd is awesome they were my first love in terms of bands and Roger Waters can be heartfelt even though he was kinda a d*** but yeah the Wish You Were Here is awesome and the songs about syd barrett are really heartfelt they're about losing your best friend final cut is defintly the most wordy album in terms as it proably has the most words but thats more of a Waters' solo album not very reflective of all of pink floyd but good writing i think
I think you should really listen to Third Eye Blind in general, specifically the Blue album, the songwriting is tremendous. It's full of catchy chorus' which will give you the pop sound your looking for in your lyrics. The lyrics are also very emotional and clever at the same time, overall really great songwriting.
When thinking about it overnight, to me I love a good drum/guitar riff that's not particularly new, but different than your generic rock band sound of right now becomes great later. Remember music is a pendulum so what's not good now will be great later in 5 to 10 years.
I've been in love with the latest Manchester Orchestra Album lately, Everything to nothing. Its a really solid production!
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA! ELO! The song "Mr. Bluesky". I think you could really get into it Rivers!
I'm pretty sure Rivers has already listened to the Replacements for inspiration in the past. But they too, are a band I have loved over and over again.

Jellystone said:
The Replacements! I love all their albums!


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