I never listened to Pink Floyd but was thinking they might be a good influence on my songwriting.  what do you guys think?  And what other epic rock records out there should I listen to?  thanks.

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It's not very old but Hell Below Stars Above. Doll Skin gives me chills everytime I hear it.
Pink Floyd? Interesting. Are you looking for their ambient, chilled kind of sound? Long built-ups and solos?
Other epic rock records?

Band on the Run - Paul McCartney & Wings
Quadrophenia - The Who
Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper

these are nothing like Pink Floyd though. And to be honest, I would rather recommend you "Bridge over Troubled Water" by Simon & Garfunkel as Weezer is always best when they're doing heartfelt and passionate stuff.
In my opinion Pink Floyd veer too far into musical masturbation territory far too often. Though most people seem to disagree. I do love The Mars Volta and the newest Animal Collective album for that type of thing though. Oh and The Flaming Lips as well, natch.
A Night at the Opera - Queen
Escape - Journey
I really love the arrangements on Aim and Ignite by fun., it is really fresh and powerful, some of the best pop to come out of 2009. Have a listen to the opening track 'Be Calm', I can't even describe how phenomenal the track is! The whole album is really bombastic and left field, I highly recommend it, it changed the way I songwrite, so it may help you too!


Is there any specific feel you're going for Rivers? I have heaps of albums lined up in my head but I'm scared they won't fit your soundscape.

Edit: Deja Entendu and The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New are both phenomenal rock records, check those out too! Daisy is really rocking too but a little on the heavy side, but if that's what you fancy, it's awesome.

Edit 2: Sing the Sorrow by AFI! If you haven't listened to this you must, there's a special something in that album that many others have tried mimicking but have never replicated. It's a great place to find some rocking influence, it was the album that first inspired me to pick up a guitar and write music. It sounds huge and grandiose even live, which is phenomenal considering they only have one guitarist. It shouldn't work for AFI, but for some reason the writing makes this record epic in every sense of the word.
This might be the opposite of what you're looking for, or maybe exactly what you are looking for. I recommend Ozma's Rock and Roll Part 3 - so much of that record was influenced by you.

Pedro the Lion - Achilles Heel


Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary

I know a lot of people love Pink Floyd (my relatives included), but I never enjoyed them....or the Eagles, or Jimi Hendrix, or much classic rock for that matter. Blue Oyster Cult is awesome though - "Flaming Telepaths"

Edit: I second the Brand New comments.
Anything by Meat Loaf is pretty epic. Lots of huge sounds.
Yeah, I think the stuff they have is very interesting. A definite turn from the common song. I've mostly listened to Dark Side of the moon. Epic would be a great word for it imo. Pink Floyd convey ideas and thoughts not only with words, but with sounds. Plus, they did it with 1970's technology. They never had the huge range of sounds made possible by computers today.

Also, Dark Side is almost like one huge song strung together. A little like the idea of the "rock opera" idea you had - SFTBH. Even though that music you did for it was from a long time ago, I think the concept is still valid today. Some of the most memorable and often recognized as the best albums of all time didn't have the hugest singles, but all the songs were poetically and innovatively strung together. (I'm thinking Sergeant Pepper, Pet Sounds, Rubber Soul) You've made tons of sweet singles and some good albums. You're getting older and wiser. Let's see that wise old sage of a songwriter make some of these entire and memorable albums!

Whatever the inspiration, you're at your best when totally sincere and passionate about the topic. This will be very interesting. I'm a big fan of yours RC!
Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare
David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
Radiohead - The Bends
War - U2
You're Living All Over Me - Dinosaur Jr.
Bruce Springsteen - The River

I'm sure you've heard most of these albums before, but these are what came to mind. I threw in Dinosaur Jr. just because they were a big influence for me.

As for Pink Floyd, my favorite of their albums are Animals and Meddle. I recommend listening to those, along with the obvious Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.

it's got the song "Epic" in it already
Queen, pretty much every album, i think "a night at the opera" might have been a little joke by them (although it is good) But yea everything else by them is great. I never made a comparison between queen and weezer but i think there might be one as far as style (not sound) But yea, learn a lesson from one of the bests there ever was.

Also, i know its new but manchester orchestra put out "mean everything to nothing" it really influenced me

And idk if you like led zeppelin but "Led Zeppelin IV"
Ben Folds Five - Whatever and Ever Amen AND Ben Folds Five (self-titled)
Bad Religion - The Gray Race
Radiohead - OK Computer

Good mix of everything in those 3 albums. Lyrically and musically, they are great.


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