I never listened to Pink Floyd but was thinking they might be a good influence on my songwriting.  what do you guys think?  And what other epic rock records out there should I listen to?  thanks.

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I'm kicking myself for not putting Vhessiu by Thrice in my first post. I highly doubt you'll come all the way back here for a recommendation and that kills me because in terms of epic rock records, Vheissu is one of the greatest records of all time.

If there's any justice in the world this message will reach your eyes Rivers!

I'm super stoked that The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New got recognition in this thread. I feel if there's one album that can really give Rivers a push in an amazingly creative and honest direction it's that masterpiece.
Pinkerton, by Weezer
any thing by Coheed and Cambria


MGMT-Oracular Spectacular

Fountains of Wayne-Welcome Interstate Managers

the world won't listen - goodbye blue monday

I see many responses which I will not sift through so I'm sorry if these are repeated suggestions...But if Pink Floyd is being considered I'd say check out "Meddle" and "UmmaGumma".  "Careful With that Axe Eugene" might be my fave song from UmmaGumma


I'm not sure how rockingly epic some might consider Simon and Garfunkel, but "Bookends" is a great album!


My Inner Beatlemaniac must throw in the side two medley from Abbey Road, although I'm sure that one's been listened to.

Personally I've never enjoyed Pink Floyd. A Pink Floyd inspired Weezer song is something that could work though. I definately think you should write more guitar solos, because the ones you have wrote are kickass. As for other album recommendations...


Social Distortion (1990) - Social Distortion

A mix of punk rock, country and blues with full, major harmonies. Fun and very catchy.

Help! (1965) - The Beatles

The early Beatles' sound refined and polished. Great hooks, steady driving rhythms and some acoustic gems (You've Got To Hide Your Love Away and I've Just Seen A Face).

Ramblin' Gamblin' Man (1969)- Bob Seger System

Real basic blues rock. Title track and single is a good representation of the album.

The Raveonettes - Chain Gang of Love

The Beach Boys - Smiley Smile

Sleigh Bells - Treats

Wire - Pink Flag


trust me

Doors, Velvet Underground, Ramones, Cheap Trick, Blondie, Gary Numan, Black Flag, Cars, Pixies
Infinity, not Escape, is the best Journey album.

Taylor Morden said:
A Night at the Opera - Queen
Escape - Journey

I think Pink Floyd is a great place for inspiration. I especially love the album "Wish You Were Here".


Recently my favorite inspiration has been Devo's "Are We Not Men?".

Specifically the song  Gut Feeling. The build up at the beginning of that song gets me rocking out every time I hear it.


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