Pinkerton's failure is over and done with after over a decade.

It's being performed live and is becoming more of a headline than Blue Album performances ever were.

This band is having fun, interacting with fans almost in more ways than any other band, and are now living happy lives with their families.


I see this as an opportunity to finally continue from where they left off like when they believed Pinkerton would be successful.  Do what they would have done if Pinkerton was successful like they thought it would.  Business isn't what it used to be for rock bands, but why does that matter?  This isn't about making platinum with this album (although, knowing Weezer, it probably would anyways) it's about making a work of art that builds off of where Pinkerton left off.  Give the somber and brutally honest Pinkerton the sequel of a happy ending that it deserves.  You're living the happy ending, so it should be easy.


You wouldn't even have to be away from loved ones while doing this.  You could do the same thing that the Foo Fighters did and record at home with your family's company.  I'm sure fans wouldn't mind you taking a year or so off touring to do this.


A lot of Weezer boardies will probably scoff at this idea actually coming to fruition, and Weezer probably won't even come across it, but with the validation Weezer now has with Pinkerton I can't think of a better time than after this tour to work on it. 


I'm not expecting anything to happen after I post this.  I'm just glad, as a Weezer fan, that I did.

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i absolutely agree, i mean, how hard was the SS2K album to put together? he could easily do the same for the mala demos, fallen soldiers, etc. From what Karl has said, he'd just have to finish up the vocals, then mix and master Homie. We know Weezer was rehearsing, recording, and playing the early album 3 stuff a good bit (from the last days with Matt, to the first days of Mikey and the RCB if I'm not mistaken).


In all seriousness, those albums should be considered good to go. Whereas most of SFTBH is made up of personal Cuomo demos and a few good quality band performances (not counting versions of SFTBH songs that were later stripped of that albums synth heavy sound like devotion and waiting), that album as it would have eventually been realized does not exist (as far as we know). I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams is, from what I can gather, the only song from SFTBH to be fully realized in the studio.


On the other hand, all of early album 3 has been recorded! to complete SFTBH Cuomo would need Weezer to replay a good bit of the album, dive into synth ville, and go grab two special people from the Rentals. To complete Homie, it sounds like he'd just need to go lay down some vocals, and then release that bad boy!


I'd love to eventually have some kind of official release of the whole kitchen tape, a fully realized SFTBH, album 3, Homie, and then have Rivers basically make the equivalent of what SS2K was to Green for maladroit and make believe. I mean, if you took the bonus tracks released on Red and just swapped them onto the album and rearranged things a bit, that album could be 5 stars easy!


That's the good and bad about Weezer, their unreleased albums are easily some of the most interesting and inspired music to have been made in recent years, unfortunately it might be better than what was released in it's place. I think songs like Private Message, Organ Player and Everybody Wants a Chance to Feel All Alone

easily tower over the likes of beverly hills, drugs and best friend. Even songs that made the album such as hold me are much better suited to the acoustic context of the early album 5 demos than they are to the overly glossy production that so many (including the band, depending which day you ask them) believe ruined the finished album.


It seems like trampoline and everyone are some of the biggest fan faves off of DTFM, and the Homie material that's come out on Alone records also seems pretty popular. If Weezer picks up on this, and if we're REALLY lucky, maybe we'll get those albums some day!


In an ideal world, I'd want an official studio take on SS2K with Mikey on the bass and recorded by the band and punk pop producer extraordinaire Jerry Finn (responsible for late 90's-early 2000 material by green day, pennywise, rancid, blink 182, and sum 41) in River's garage, as was originally planned. As if that'll EVER happen outside of my most passionate fever dreams. Although the thought of Mikey lineup Weezer getting back together, getting toasted, and rocking the hell out of some pop gems in a garage with Finn bringing just enough summer sun bleach bubblegum out of said performances sounds pretty fantastical. However Mr. Finn sadly has passed away, making SS2K an album he'll never get to make either....

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