Of course, trying to predict Weezer's next move has always been comparable to trying to justify the plot of "The Day After Tomorrow." However, what COULD we expect of a band that's been in the game for nearly 20 years and is only now letting the on-stage sparks fly? As a Weezer fan, you of course must wonder, "how long can this go on? Are any of the guys thinking it's time to move on? Is it still safe to hope for a whole stream of new Weezer albums, especially on a physical format?" These were concerns I have previously expressed, but on the 19th anniversary of the foundation of this band, said concerns could very well become realities. I will support Weezer with my dying breath (despite Raditude), but if would be supremely reassuring to know that the boys are all still behind this thing. Was Rivers serious about fronting Weezer at least until age 60? Being the same age as the band, will there still be new Weezer music when I'm 40? Am I alone on this one?

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blueperton, you don't need a whole new thread to talk about this so i deleted the one you started.

Blueperton said:
What Birdie!? O.o Let's kill it!

Trudy Truelove said:

I would be devastated if they broke it off.


However, a little birdie told me that they might not make anymore albums. Still do live shows, but maybe no albums ):

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