I just saw on Weezerpedia that he recorded bass on "Tragic Girl" (which has a really cool bass riff) I always thought it was Matt because he was with the band at the time and it's sounds like his style of playing. Does anyone know why he played bass on that song and why Scott Riebling who they hired to fill in for Matt for abit and Matt didn't play on the song?.


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matt was likely recording with the rentals at the time.

as for why they used adam instead of scott, no one here would know that.

Clearly the really cool bass riff was much too cool for Matt Sharp, and as a result it was given up to someone else.
kitten$ is right. Matt was doing something for the Rentals. Matt also didn't play on the radio remix of Pink Triangle
i've wondered this too.  would be cool to get some karlification!
it is explained in the Pinkerton deluxe edition booklet by Karl.

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