firstly part 1 :- 

in december i went to new york for the memories tour, i met a fair few people and most of them were cool. i would like to know if anyone on here met me over the two nights.


part 2 :- 
some of the people i met befriended me on the book of faces, a couple of weeks ago they told me that they are going to the concert in atlantic city in may.........and now i too am doing another 4000mile(ish) round trip, so who from here is going to that gig?

yeah pointless thread i get it! 

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always like you spaz

always xx
Re: Part 2 -- I saw the memories shows in LA, Chicago and Vegas. I live in Vegas and I'll be flying out for the Atlantic City show.  I'm meeting up with fan friends from DC, San Francisco, and NJ there.  I love love love getting to know other Weezer fans.  If you see a freakishly tall lady there (I'm 6'5"), feel free to say hi!

so now weezer playing a proper set at 02 brixton...............f****** great!

was only doing this to see a decent set (longer than a festival set)

ohh well, will still be a fun adventure   

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