Who here thinks Weezer should release a live Acoustic album?  Something similar to Nirvana's Unplugged where they play some of their hits, some lesser known songs, some covers, and also some new songs.  I think it would be a HUGE hit.  They could even go on tour with it and do a 2 set concert like the Memories tour. They start off with a Electric greatest hits set and finish off with an acoustic set. Feel free leave your comments and maybe everyone can come up with their dream acoustic set list.

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the acoustic idea sounds cool but i dont think a tour to support it maybe as an ep?
Great Idea, and release on DVD

an acoustic album or ep would be amazing!

great idea.  i'd love an unplugged style thing, or like the foo, a skin and bones kinda thing. 


or even a vh1 storytellers like the foo did last year would be sweet

I don't think an ep would be long enough. There is a lot of Weezer songs I'd love to have an acoustic version of. In my opinion Jamie acoustic is better then the electric version hands down.

i think a tour would be good

record it

then bang it on to CD!!

Superb idea.

I always hated the MTV unplugged things because they usually trundled out the band of the month and made them play acoustic (and because Edward VanHalen =VH=!!!! called it "the flavor of the month"). However, the storytellers thing is really great because you get to see the people behind the music and fit the pieces together a bit more. And, you can appreciate their artistry and talent more when you can see/hear them doing things in the moment.

It would be especially neat if Rivers were to take a sound bite and show how he uses software to mesh various sounds into a cohesive piece, then loop it and play acoustic over it.

I'd like to see if Pat could do some acoustic drumming on a guitar too. That would be dee oh pee eee, dope.

This would be pretty cool. 
I really think an acoustic weezer album is a no brainer. There is a lot of closet weezer fans out there. When I went to college in the late 90's most everyone I knew listened to weezer but now most of them don't. What better way to get them back in the fold. Plus, nothing would make me happier to have a weezer acoustic album to listen to. In my opinion an acoustic album is the best live album to own. Rivers, think about it.

I think Weezer is at a point in their career where they can do WHATEVER they want.  Maybe they'll see this thread and jump on it.


The closest thing they've done to an "acoustic" release were the Hootenanny events, and then all those acoustic radio shows they did in support of Pinkerton.


As much as I hated "In Your Honour", I liked the "Skin and Bones" idea the Foo Fighters did.  They re-arranged some songs, and made it a real orchestral event.  That'd be cool to see =w= do that.

Maybe they can do the cars cover acoustic? Just what I needed!!!!!

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