Was my reaction earlier when Rivers and Rachel practiced "I Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams" on ustream.


I recorded it because I thought it was epic. I am sharing it beacuse I had a couple requests and because I believe in spreading awesomeness so here you go :)

Oh and I don't know how to capture video on ustream so I used my (HD) camera... I promise the picture stops shaking so much after the first few seconds. Sorry about that :-\




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Sorry Crystal, that kind of stuff just doesn't get me juiced up.  But this kind of stuff does.

crystal_iceburg said:

but rivers shaving while eating yogurt is soooooooooo sexy!


not really, but drinking muscle milk while doing kettlebell squats turns me on every time, don't try to pretend you don't too!

placemats said:

I've been on the ustream a couple of times.  And I have to admit, Rachel was very cute and I really enjoyed this.  But generally,  I find the shows to be fairly dull.  Tried to like it, threw out a couple comments, but can't get into it like some of the other users do.  Getting hard-ons and wet panties just because Rivers is doing vocal warmups, shaving, eating yogurt, and speed playing through a couple of songs just seems a little over the top to me. 


Freakin Awesome

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