Weezer Online shop is only for US customers, so apparently there is no way i can get the Pinkerton collector box.
So i had to order everything through amazon.com, sadly i don't get the autographed picture, the diorama, etc.

Plus it's been so long since weezer came to France.


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feel your pain living in australia, that pack looks awesome!
Yeah it looks sweet. Maybe even sweeter because i can't get it!

Daniel [ThisDopeNose] said:
feel your pain living in australia, that pack looks awesome!

Of course, and we are proud...
Prof. mynameisjonus said:
That's because its full of french people.
Well the video sure makes US citizens look dumb.
Hum, this is just going to fuel another USA vs the world thing.
No need to wage war, we are all Weezer fans

"If you want it,
you can have it,
but you gotta learn to reach out there and grab it,
Coz everybody wants some LOVE"

Danni Toft said:
Europe is left out again and again.. and i believe that the peoble who have replied and laughed on our behave belongs in this group... -----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJuNgBkloFE&feature=related
I was so happy to see that package and then I cried.......then I will have to buy it on ebay for so much more money.

and...please come to Germany again.....
Poor Europeans that we are. Maybe Weezer doesn't like our Euros :))

Across the sea... Only in dreams...

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