Here's my idea of what kind of songs i think would make the best kind of weezer ROCK ALBUM. After all Rivers himself seems (in my opinion) to want to be a ROCKER, not just a pop star...I just see these songs as having an edge to them that most of their more pop songs don't really have. This list almost seems to me as a punk/inde rock bands playlist. (after all weezer has done covers of the PIXIES, GREEN DAY, NIRVANA, and now RADIOHEAD)

In no particular order:

1. My Name is Jonas

2. Surf Wax America

3. Modern Dukes

4. On The Edge

5. The Sweater Song

6. Slob

7.Say it Ain't So

8. Living Without You

9. Why Bother

10. Getchoo

11. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly

12. Let's Sew Our Pants Together

13. Superstar

14. Dreamin'

15. Hash Pipe



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