Dear Weezer,


i'm a long time fan and i haven't frequented the website for quite sometime.  to be honest, the last time i was on this site in a religious manner was back when you were releasing demos of tunes to appear on Maladriot.  i had all 20+ tracks on my hard drive in college, and then it crashed and the tunes are lost forever.  you guys shoule release that stuff at some point, but i know you have bigger fish to fry.


back to my original point, my wife and i had our first baby almost 12 weeks ago, a little girl, and when she needs to take a nap i end up singing her songs off the Blue album to calm her down.  for the most part she seems to do well with all the songs although it seems like she digs 'Holiday' the most.  she won't be coming with us this Thursday for the show and of all the songs i'd like to hear live that would be my favorite. 


i don't want to sound like 'that guy who makes a request' but i might have to be for a second.  i don't know if you guys do read these forums or not but if you do, could you maybe slip 'Holiday' in the set for this thursday?  my daughter's name is Violet and it would be beyond amazing if you played that song.


if you don't get a chance to, i take no offense and i'll still come to see your shows and buy your albums.  i just wanted to ask.





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