Would anybody else be down for having that happen?

Because I'm writing it (:


Ok, so basically I've been writing it since January. It's called "Island In The Sun", and it's a feel good comedy about high school, friendship, surfers, druggies, and growing up. I know, I know "We don't need anyone turning Weezer into High School Musical", But I can assure you, there's enough drugs, drinking, swearing, sex, and fighting to satisfy almost anyone.

 Features the songs:

1. Surf Wax America

2. Crab

3. Can't Stop Partying

4. Only In Dreams

5. Say It Ain't So

6. Perfect Situation

7. Pork and Beans

8. Beverly Hills

9. Best Friend

10. Photograph

11. Smile

12. Glorious Day

13. Hash Pipe

14. Falling For You

15. No Other One

16. I do

17. Island In The Sun


(Maybe the band can come out and take requests during intermission, since some of their best song's don't really tie in with the plot that I'm goin' for *My Name is Jonas, Memories, If You're Wondering If I Want You To, Buddy Holly, Undone, etc.* idk it's still in it's early stages, but I feel like it's definitely coming along).



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And another musical....

Farkas said:
And another musical....
Oh...well...mine's called "Island In The Sun" and it's a comedy about surfers...I'll post more about it (:
sounds like a winner.
Thanks for the sarcasm.
i'm writing a musical about people who try to write weezer-based musicals.
Cool, you can call it "Shelby, Stefan, and The gingerbreadman guy are actually trying to do something with their lives." (:

pandaž! [berry_rydell] said:
i'm writing a musical about people who try to write weezer-based musicals.
a little too wordy. how about 'don't bother'? it's snappier, imo.
If you're gonna troll, maybe you should do a better job of it.
ya berry, she's trying to do something with her life and doesn't have time for your guff.

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