Recently, I have been listening to the incredible demos from the Maladroit era. I was listening to the non-falsetto version of "Sandwiches Time" and noticed that I appreciated that one much more than the other. Afterwards, I began to think about other falsetto moments in Weezer songs. 
       I have mixed feelings about Rivers's falsetto and the songs that utilize that vocal style. "Space Rock," for example, is fantastic with it. I believe that it brings out a certain uniqueness to the song. In my opinion, it really brings out the emotion of the song, whereas in other tracks, emotions are inhibited by wimpy vocal delivery and of course, mediocre lyrical content. 
       On the other hand, I do not like the falsetto on "Sandwiches Time." For me, it just sounds out of place. First time I heard the song, it my hav made me cringe a bit. Although with the non-falsetto demo, I realized that it's actually a moderately decent song. I just don't like the falsetto version. But, the fact that the falsetto fits the mood of the lyrics gives me an iota of approval for it.  
       Now a word about back-up falsetto. Where is it?!? When I first heard the Blue Album and Pinkerton, that was one of the first things that jumped out at me. It perfectly complemented the main vocals in a way that only the harmonies of the Green Album can surpass! I think Weezer should add those to there newer songs wherever it seems to fit. Some examples of songs where I think there could be some backup falsetto are "The Other Way," "Trampoline," and "Ruling Me." (well, trampoline isn't new, but you know what I mean.)
       O.K. Now that my speech is done, what are your thoughts of Weezer's falsetto. Do you like or dislike it when Rivers pursues this style? Should some Matt Sharp esque background vocals show up again, or not? Should Weezer become the Bee Gees of Alt. Rock? Sound off below!

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Falsetto on "Sandwiches Time" is fantastic imo.

The falsetto that follows the lead melody is still employed from time to time, so hay.

runnersdialzero said:
Falsetto on "Sandwiches Time" is fantastic imo.

maybe Matt was the only one that could sing Falsetto, and that's why they don't do it anymore.


I agree with you though, their should be more falsetto.


Sandwiches Time is an excellent song, btw, both versions.

I like the falsetto backing vocals but im not a big fan of songs that are sung completely in falsetto.
I agree that it brings a uniqueness to the songs but I just dont enjoy it very much.

More falsetto backing vocals would be good.
I think there should be alot more falsetto.
It'd be cool to see Rivers write some melody lines which have falsetto sprinkled in it again a la Buddy Holly's second verse or Hash Pipe's verses.

James Stockwell (Jamekae) said:
It'd be cool to see Rivers write some melody lines which have falsetto sprinkled in it again a la Buddy Holly's second verse or Hash Pipe's verses.
they still have it on most songs its just very faint Brian does it now i think
Run over by a truck's chorus has some nice back up falsetto!

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