I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get this posted, but I had a lot of work to catch up on when I got back. So here are my thoughts on the Weezer cruise...the good, the bad, and the long-windy...and yes, I gave this its own thread because I am egomaniacal….muah ah ah! Forgive me, but this as much of a travelogue as it is a Weezer review.


I will be honest that the only Weezer I’d met previous to this cruise was Pat (he was very funny and cool), and my main goal on this cruise was to meet Rivers. As many of you can relate, he wrote my favorite Weezer album Pinkerton, and if I left the cruise without meeting him, I would have been just slightly heartbroken. I’d very luckily been able to see the Memories 2 night stand at the Gibson Amphitheater last year, so I’d already seen the Blue/Pinkerton shows. As far as cruises, I’d been on two Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico cruises with co-workers that were fun, but I hadn’t gone on the ever-popular rockband cruises.


Prologue – Wednesday 1/18/12


I flew in from Los Angeles (and of COURSE I looked for Weezer peeps on my flight! Lol But didn’t see any) and met up with my good friend Luna. We’ve roadtripped to a few Weezer shows previously and hadn’t seen each other in years! I sat on the ground at the Miami airport baggage claim, phone plugged into the wall and chargin’, playing Words With Friends as I waited for her. Our plan was to go to the kickoff party at the hotel and meet some Sixthman peeps and possibly check out the Sebadoh show if we had enough energy. However, it was not to be, with airplane schedules and missed flights being what they are. So, we missed the kick-off party and decided to walk along South Beach instead. Beautiful, and it reminded me a lot of Venice Beach here in my hometown of L.A. About the same number of Plastic Surgery Disasters, too. ;-)


We took in a tapas restaurant, had some margaritas, and caught up each other on love lives, careers, and so on. Just killin’ time on South Beach, excited about the cruise!

Day 1 – Thursday 1/19/12


We headed over from our hotel to the port at about noon and prepared to board. I’d paid for the trip with an American Express, so I was stoked to get in a slightly faster check-in line. (I also got 2 different bootlegs CD’s delivered to my room during the cruise!) As we walked up the gangplank, I had to laugh at the Sixthman crew high-fiving everyone boarding, and right behind them was an anti-bacterial gel dispenser. Clever placement?

We entered the ship and the first thing we saw was a huge blue Weezer cruise banner hung from the railings overlooking the lounge/bar/piano area. Nice! We got to our rooms (lovely balcony rooms, upgraded by Sixthman) and threw our crap down. Sixthman employees had handed us a booklet (blue, of course!) with a tear-our schedule (which proved to be SUPER handy…gee, have these guys done this before or what? Lol). It was only about 1 or 2pm at this time and we couldn’t go into our rooms yet, so we decided to get a drinky. We headed out to the deck and took in the scenery. Ah…tons of pasty-white Weezer FanBoys. MY FAVORITE KIND! Seriously, does Weezer attract the nerdiest of the nerds, or what? And I’m not complaining, since I am to pale guys with glasses what Rivers is to goddamn half-Japanese girls. I was in nerd heaven, baby. Let’s get together and talk about skin cancer and sunblock over a margarita, shall we? Rowrrrr…

After the mandatory safety drill we changed and went back out to the Lido Deck to get ready for the first Weezer show – Blue and Greatest Hits at 5:30. (Btw, a word or 17 about the safety drill: Given the recent Costa Concordia events, you’d think that morons would shut their traps and keep their sarcastic remarks to themselves while the ship employees do their jobs and tell us about the safety stuff, mmmkay?)

On the Lido deck, my friend and I were about 25’ back and standing behind a mom and dad and their young son (maybe 3 or 4? Wearing earplugs, don’t worry!) and some bros with their girlfriends. One guy was telling us he lives in Miami and literally went straight from work to the boat and that’s why he was in work clothes (khakis and a polo shirt). I wasn’t sure whether to believe him. Anyway, these guys were FULL ON bros and I think they each had a beer for every song Weezer played. Lol I haven’t seen that much beer consumption since college. God bless ya’ll.

This was a very fun show – as seen in Karl’s photos and other folks’ (much more timely!!) reviews, Rivers went out into the crowd and climbed up to the waterslide and then walked down it while singing Troublemaker (I think? That’s the one thing I regret, is not keeping a list of songs they played). Rivers also changed his shirt mid-set and I for one was quite enjoying shirtless Rivers, if only for a moment. There was a really funny moment in the show that I’m not sure a lot of people noticed, but at one point when Rivers was singing onstage, a roadie came out and went up to Brian’s mic and was doing something to it…and Rivers looked over at him with the best, funniest, “What the f*ck are you doing onstage during the show, idiot?” look I’ve ever seen. Then it happened AGAIN later in the show and Rivers gave him that same withering look.

Weezer also covered Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android,” which my sister (as a huge Weezer and Radiohead fan) will be bummed to hear she missed. Anyway, high energy, and it set the tone for the rest of the cruise. I think my favorite part was the waving of the Weezer flag during my favorite (aside from Say it Ain’t So) song from Blue, “Holiday.” Given the lyrics, it just seemed like the perfect cruise moment!

At some point we stopped by the gift shop and I contributed to the Children of Weezer Members College Fund (lol) by buying some shirts, a Weezer snuggie (yay!) and so on.

After we hit the buffet, we hit a bit of Yacht Rock Revue in the Criterion Lounge, covering Paul McCartney and the Wings’ “Silly Love Songs.” Ok, loving Yacht Rock Revue with their 70s soft rock hits, mutton-chop sideburns, and white shoes/belts combos. Nicely done, boys! I had these guys pegged as being local (to me) Silverlake hipsters, but apparently they’re actually based in Atlanta or thereabouts? They were totally, totally fun and a perfect band to be on this cruise. We also checked out Ozma on the Lido Deck. They were ok (I’m in the minority but I’ve never gotten the Ozma love). My friend was beyond tired and hit the hay, but I wanted to see Dinosaur Jr. Well, I can say they were LOUD. As they went into their third song in the Palladium Lounge, there was feedback or something that was killing my ears, so I decided to call it a night. I was bummed about that because I loved J Mascis’ voice…but I couldn’t handle the volume. I missed Brian’s midnight movie…was just too tired at that point.


Day 2 – Friday 1/20/12


My friend intended to go to yoga taught by Star from Ozma...but she (my friend, not Star! Lol) slept in instead. I sat out on the balcony reading the Pinkerton Diaries I’d bought the day before in the gift shop. Fascinating stuff. We eventually had some food and went to the Lido Deck for a while to watch Yacht Rock Revue again. I think this is the point at which we saw Brian Bell cruising around by the buffet. I complimented him on the previous night’s show and he thanked me. There were a lot of great Ugly Sweaters around, too. At about 2pm we went and lined up to get into the Weezer Game Show with Pat, Brian, Scott, and Josh. At this point my friend and I struck up a convo with some very sweet Asian girls from Toronto (even though later on I was shouting “HEY MONTREAL!” at them…hey, I’d been drinking). We ended up second row and saw that the MC was calling up audience members to be on teams with the guys. Me, I’m not brave enough to do that, so I called out answers from the audience instead. (I’m not sure if that was encouraged or not. One time when I called out an answer, a girl behind me made a loud remark about how I needed to shut up cuz she wanted to hear the band’s answers. A fair remark, I’ll give her that…but then later on Scott Shriner was soliciting answers from the audience, so what can ya do? It was a judgment call on my part, I tells ya!)

Anyway, the quiz show was FREAKING HILARIOUS and one of my favorite events of the whole cruise. Pat Wilson is such a troublemaker. That guy. What a class clown. Either Pat’s mic was broken, or he was pretending it was. Either way, I was dying laughing. At first the audience members were cool and composed, but then…well, there was this super drunk girl in the audience who kept super obnoxiously shouting s*** over and over…the Toronto girls later admitted they’d encouraged her to go onstage cuz they wanted her away from them! Bad girls!

This chick went up and they paired her with Brian Bell and his reactions were priceless. He was plugging his ears and wincing cuz she just kept nonsensically yelling, “Wooo woooo…get me another beer” and lame stuff like that. She kept offering Brian her beer, he’d say no. This happened repeatedly (you know how when you’re drunk you do things over and over with no memory of having just done it?) I think she tried to put her arm around Brian, too. I have to say, I was having trouble deciding who I felt worse for: this drunk girl, or Brian Bell. Lol The audience was shouting, “You go Jersey Shore!” at her. It was so sad yet so AWESOME. Poor thing. At the end of the quiz show the guys went backstage and the girl FOLLOWED Brian back behind the curtains. Oh, honey. Security had to go retrieve her. Not that I’ve never had embarrassing drunken moments, but they’ve never been onstage, and/or with one of my favorite bands/idols. Yikes.

I also enjoyed seeing how competitive Scott is. He kept leaning forward to look at everyone’s scores, and I really tried to help him with some answers (and got some wrong. Damnit…the female artist to debut at #1 with her second album was Whitney Houston, NOT Britney Spears. Sorry!) Anyway, the quiz was a great idea and I’m glad we got to go, and it definitely lessened the sting of not getting a ticket to the Pinkerton diaries reading.


We did decide to stop by the Criterion Lounge to see if we could catch a glimpse of Rivers after the diary reading. There was a bit of an excitable group of fans milling about, and we found out that Rivers was signing the Pinkerton Diaries. (He wasn’t doing a live signing, but if you left your book there with your name and room # on a slip of paper inside it, Sixthman would deliver it to your room later on, signed!) This seemed to be an impromptu decision on Rivers’ part, since I didn’t see it written up anywhere ahead of time. My friend and I booked it back to the room so I could get my copy and bring it back to get signed. Sure enough, it was delivered, signed, to my room on Sunday evening! Thank you Rivers!


Then we went and did Rock Bingo with Free Energy. That was fun, but would have been a lot more fun if we’d won. ;-) Still, I enjoyed it.


At some point, since I was staying on the 7th floor, I ran into Scott Shriner. (The artists and their families were staying on that floor and there were burly, but justified security guards posted at both ends of the line of rooms. Can you imagine Drunk Quiz Show Girl trying to go visit Brian? Lol) Anyway, as my friend and I were heading to the elevator we walked past Scott. I said, “Hey, you were great on the quiz show this morning!” To my shock, Scott actually said he saw me in the audience and thanked me for helping him with some of the answers. He’s like, “I saw you helping me, thank you!” Sorry, but it’s the little things like that, ya know? Call me a fangirl…I said, “Hey, was Pat’s mic really broken?” and Scott was like, “Ya know, Pat is the smartest guy…but he f*cking with everybody!” lol Oh Pat, that loveable scamp!


We caught some more of Ozma on the Lido Deck but it was just too windy to stay there. We went back to our cabin and got ready for the Friday Weezer Pinkerton show (we didn’t get Golden Tickets, so this was to be our 2nd and final Weezer show of the cruise).


One thing I really liked about this show setup was that it was ticketed. You could breeze into the show 5 minutes before it started, rather than feeling like you’d have to get there an hour early and camp out. Thank you Sixthman for doing it that way. Much better! Anyway, when we got inside we were 3rd row on the right side, right behind this very sweet Aussie couple named Ben and Jamie. This was a great show and I especially LOVED that Weezer covered that Wheatus “Teenage Dirtbag” song (I’m guessing it’s an inside joke since a lot of folks on file-sharing sites mislabel that as a Weezer song?) Rivers was definitely rockin’ on that one. Nice job, guys. They did “Jamie,” which was a total highlight for Jamie in front of us. I was so happy for her! J They told us Weezer hadn’t been to Australia since I think 1995, so what a cool thing to see them like this!


Also, Rivers came out into the audience again! He walked right across our seats so I patted him on the arm. Lol I’m a dork, this I admit. But hell, I got to say, “I TOUCHED RIVERS!” I did laugh when either Rivers or the band went into the wrong part of Troublemaker, and Rivers was giving them a look while he was out in the crowd like, “What are you guys playing? You’re playing the wrong part!” I’m pretty sure Rivers was right, but then again I saw in other reviews that Rivers made some vocal mistakes.


The boat was swaying (I was really glad I was wearing those motion sickness bracelets) and it was trippy to see the speakers hanging overhead swaying back and forth, ever so gently. It definitely added to the rock ambiance. Another great show…


I do have 1 slight beef, though. There was this jerk who snuck up to the front and was sweet talking the security guard (who was socializing instead of doing his job) and while the security guard was yapping to this guy (they were even taking pictures together), a girl ran up the aisle and threw something (I don’t know what) onto the stage, hitting one of the mic stands and causing feedback. Ugh. Later on a Sixthman guy came up and tried to eject this guy and the guy was just beyond rude and belittling to the Sixthman dude. “I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND you’re just doing your job” and other patronizing crap. I really wish they’d made that guy go back to his seat. He talked VERY loudly during the entire Pinkerton slideshow and Karl’s commentary (did this guy even care about Weezer? Why wasn’t he listening?) Even though I’d already seen the Memories tour, there were actually a ton of new slides and commentary from Karl, so it was absolutely worth listening to every bit of it. Anyway, rant over.


After the show we went to the karaoke thing with Keepaway. Dude, those guys were DRUNK. Still, I had my eye on the Topher Grace-lookin’ dude in the band. Teehee…Karaoke was a lot of fun, but it was booked up by the time we got there. We also went to Karl’s DJ thing (and apparently we missed Rivers, who someone posted had been there earlier? But I didn’t see that until today. I didn’t know it at the time.) Then, bed!


Day 3 – Saturday 1/21/12


I woke up, feeling a little tiny bit sad that we were on Day 3 of the cruise, and I still hadn’t gotten to technically meet Rivers. I’d said hello to everyone else, including Josh Freese. Hmm, what would it take? Saturday was Cozumel day, so my friend and I decided we were just gonna be chill. We debarked and walked around looking at the shops for a bit. We went to the Three Amigos restaurant/bar to have some lunch. This place totally tickled me, mainly because that’s one of my favorite dumb movies, that me and my whole family quote constantly. I just about died because once inside, they had framed quotes from the movie up on the walls.


As we left the restaurant, suddenly, we saw, right before us…RIVERS! He was dressed as though he was going hiking, and he had on a backpack. We saw that he had signed up for and was joining his shore excursion group! Wow! Well, I kinda lingered around nearby, debating on whether to go up and say hello. I felt stupid and in the way all at once, because on one hand I felt like, “Dude, this is gonna be your only chance” and also feeling like, “Dude, he’s got a bit of a deadline right now and you don’t get in the way of someone’s travel plans.” In the end, I opted for sanity and did NOT go up and say hello. I did have to laugh, though, when I saw the faces of his fellow excursion group people when they realized they’d be on an excursion with Rivers! Their jaws just about dropped. It was sweet and I was damn jealous! I thought it was a ziplining/scuba excursion, but when asked later, Rivers said since he had a bit of a cough, they wouldn’t let him scuba dive.


Luna and I decided to take a cab to Paradise Island. Once there, we just hung out on the beach and slept. Boring, but relaxing! When we got back on the boat we went and saw some of J Mascis’ acoustic set. I much preferred this to the very loud Dinosaur, Jr. set I’d seen already. J Mascis has a great voice and I thought it was great. We then checked out Keepaway on the casino stage. I liked their music, but I didn’t care much for their Zack Morris-esque lead singer. His manner was fairly…affected. I wish they’d let Topher Grace handle lead vocals on every song instead of just a couple! After the underwhelming formal dining room dinner, we also got to see Boom Bip in the Criterion Lounge and I really really dug these guys. All instrumental, and very cool. The lead guitarist looked like Gary Oldman’s younger brother.


But the event of the night that we were looking forward to was the 80s prom hosted by Yacht Rock Revue. By this time Luna and I were burnt out. I changed into a totally unsexy but very comfy outfit…yoga pants and an oversized (I’ll be using it as pajamas) green Yacht Rock Revue shirt. It has a pie chart on the front and it says, “Things Darryl Hall Can’t Go For” and the pie chart says, “That,” “Being Twice as Nice” and “Repeating the Same Old Lines.” It’s a funny shirt, but not something I’d wear to a club. But like I said, I was tired at this point. And, I happen to love Hall and Oates (specifically, Darryl Hall's voice) so I might as well represent.


Anyway, the Yacht Rock guys were great…my favorite guy from the band (i.e. the cutest one…could I be any more sexist?) was out on the dance floor shakin’ it to “PYT (Pretty Young Thing)” by Michael Jackson, and who doesn’t love that? I also loved that they played Positive K’s “I Got a Man” (I love that song, and we’ll let it slide that it came out in 93, not the 80s!) The 80s outfits people had on were EXCELLENT. A few girls were dressed as the Robert Palmer video girls and they had on short black dresses with blow up guitars attached to the dresses. Lots of big hair, ugly prom dresses…one girl even wore an Olivia Newton-John/Jane Fonda workout outfit…lots of skinny ties, piano ties, and so on. I was blown away by everyone’s creativity. Pat Wilson came in and was hanging out…and then…a while later…the impossible happened…

.................Rivers came in, wearing his oversized white ship captain’s outfit. He looked impossibly, adorably boyish (seriously, does the man ever age? He's the D*** Clark of rock) and was flanked by Sixthman employees. He was mobbed immediately, of course. This was really the first time I’d seen him out among us so it was bound to happen. He tried to walk around but he was absolutely smushed in with people. Our Aussie friends Ben and Jamie said to one of the Sixthman guys, “I feel sorry for Rivers right now,” because he was totally mobbed, and the guy responded, “Don’t. He LOVES this.” I had to laugh. Rivers, king of the prom! Coming to hold court in the disco!


Anyway, Rivers ended up climbing up onto the bar/sitting area overlooking the sunken dance floor. He was just chilling up on this ledge above the dance floor watching everyone with a smile on his face. So, if anyone wanted to say hi to him/get a pic with him, they had to climb up on these chairs, get up on the counter, and lean in next to him. Well, far be it from me to turn down a challenge! I had to giggle at the sight of Rivers groovin’ to the Gap Band’s “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” up on that ledge…he was swaying and moving to the beat.


My friends and I were standing on the dance floor taking pictures of him up there and they said, “If you wanna meet him, you’d better go now!” So I scurried up the stairs and looked for the line. There wasn’t a line as much as a jumble, so I patiently waited and finally scrambled up onto the counter (thinking, “Oh Jesus, I’m gonna fall and get hurt and have to explain this at work next week. Boss, I’m gonna need to go out on disability, cuz I was trying to meet a rock star!”) The Sixthman people were meanwhile trying to make the scene a bit more secure by clearing away glasses and bottles. I have to hand it to Sixthman…they were great under pressure.


Anyway, I climbed up and leaned in to Rivers and said, “You’re such a darling for coming to this!” (Did I just call Rivers a darling? Could I be any dorkier?) He said, “Hey, no problem.” I said, “I just have to thank you for writing the Pinkerton album. Unfortunately it’s the soundtrack to my lovelife.” He looked at me and smiled and deadpanned, “I’m sorry.” It was great, it was perfect, it was 15 seconds at best but it pretty much made my 2012. So thank you, Rivers, for coming to the prom! You made the whole cruise for me as far as I was concerned. He looked super happy to be there, even if the crowd and his oversized captain’s suit were overwhelming him (lol), and he stayed up there for probably 10 or 15 minutes. And now I have a ridiculous picture of me in a bright green oversized shirt, nothing cute or sexy, with Rivers Cuomo. Wahh wahhh. lol


Fresh off that high, Luna and I went over to check out karaoke before heading to bed. I just kept saying, “I can’t believe I finally got to meet Rivers Cuomo!” We had been worried about the photo with the band because the Texas girls we had dinner with Saturday night told us it was super fast and you weren’t able to really say anything to the band. But now that I’d met Rivers, I felt a tremendous amount of stress was lifted.


Day 4 – Sunday 1/22/12


Today was the last day of the cruise. I got up and headed downstairs to the Palladium Lounge. I told the Toronto girls I’d meet up with them for Team Trivia with Karl. Luna wanted to sleep in because she doesn’t know enough Weezer trivia. I said, “Like that matters? You’re not being graded on this!” The trivia was fun, but REALLY tough. It started off ok and I knew some answers, but after that, forget it! I wanted to kick myself because there was a whole section of questions about the Pinkerton diaries and I’d been reading them for days on the cruise, yet couldn’t remember anything when it came down to it! Anyway, nice job on the trivia, Karl! I left early cuz I was doing my photo with the band, but I heard my team didn’t win. Oh well…


The photo was so fast, it was definitely a blur. I remember that I was standing next to Rivers, because he was wearing this big-ass sombrero (probably bought in Cozumel). We walked in, said hello, picked where we were gonna stand, and click, and that was it. Thankfully it turned out cute! 5 seconds after we walked away, I couldn’t remember anything about it, I was in such a daze.


We hung out and drank for a bit and then went and did our group photo on the Lido Deck (meaning, everyone on the cruise!). That was fun! Right afterwards was the Q&A with Weezer on the Lido Deck.


Once again, Pat was totally obnoxious, yet really funny, when answering all the questions. When asked what they would be if they couldn’t be musicians, Pat deadpanned, “Drug dealer. Totally.” I had to laugh at the audible sigh heard from all the girls in the crowd (including me) when Brian answered, “I would have been a teacher.” It was funny cuz the rest of the band noticed the sigh, too. Lol! Anyway, the Q&A was very entertaining, including the cute girl in the bikini who asked the band if they’d ever done detention in high school and why? Brian told a funny story about how someone wrote “Slayer” on a desk or something and he was immediately blamed because he had long hair, but he didn’t write it! Anyway, it was a very entertaining question and answer session. I wouldn’t say it was chock-full of hard-hitting questions and tons of info, but with Pat onstage, it was going to be a joke, no matter what. And I mean that as a compliment! Let’s put it this way – when I met Pat years ago at the NAMM show, he signed an 8x10, “Thanks for last night!” He’s a goof.


Luna and I did end up going to see Yacht Rock Review one last time that night in the Criterion Lounge to close out the cruise. God, they are a fun band. Loving these guys!


Before heading to bed, we stopped by the disco to check out Karl’s DJ set and I spied Sarah (Rivers’ assistant) so I asked her to please pass along to Rivers how cool and special it was that he came out to the prom the night before and met so many fans.


Epilogue - Monday 1/23/12


It took a while to debark on Monday morning and we headed straight to the airport and it was a good thing we did. Even though our flights weren’t leaving for hours, the airport was packed because 3 other cruise ships had also debarked. Crazy!


Luna and I planned on eating breakfast together at the airport but given the huge lines we decided to part ways and go to our respective terminals. As I walked through the American Airlines terminal, I saw Rivers with his assistant walking. I thought, “I wonder if they’re on my flight?” I had some food and got to my gate and saw Josh Freese and his family, but no Rivers. I sat reading and playing Words with Friends and got on the plane, and while we were readying for takeoff, some guys sitting near me were nudging each other and pointing. I asked what was going on and they said, “Rivers is on our flight…in coach!” We thought that was a hoot.


As we landed and headed to LAX baggage claim, I saw Rivers again and I debated approaching him. He was wearing a ballcap and headphones and was texting and looked like he didn’t want to be bothered, so again I chose sanity over troublemaking (haha!) and didn’t go up to him. Look ma, no stalking! Ha!


Anyway, thank you to all the hardworking people from Weezer, Weezer’s crew, Sixthman, Carnival, and anyone else who had a hand in putting this together. It was an amazing experience, so much fun, and something I’ll never forget. Your effort showed and we appreciate it! 


































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Hahha haters gon' hate. I do appreciate you clicking on reply just to post that adorable cat pic, even though I prefer dogs. ;-) You sir or madam are quite witty.

That was an awesome recap and a fun read! Thanks for sharing it! I'm glad you accomplished your goal!

Thank you! It was hella fun to write...I know it's long, but it's kinda hard to go, "Thursday...fun. Friday...cool. Saturday...awesome. Sunday...excellent." lol There's so much more to say. I wrote it as much for myself as anyone else who wanted to read it.

Rivers was singing the bridge for Troublemaker's verse. The band was playing the right part.



I hate to be that guy but I wish the band made less mistakes on the cruise. It was amazing most of the time though. 

Ah, ok. Thank you...I wasn't sure but I was wrong too then! lol 

Gohi said:

Rivers was singing the bridge for Troublemaker's verse. The band was playing the right part.



I hate to be that guy but I wish the band made less mistakes on the cruise. It was amazing most of the time though. 

That was very entertaining, thanks for the great read!

Thanks for sharing, Troublemaker.

It’s curious that we should attend the same event and somehow have such different experiences of the cruise. Of course there's the shared experience of hearing Weezer perform. (And they were brilliant, as always). However, I had the privilege of attending the Pinkerton Diaries reading. It was both a thoughtful and humorous experience to share with fellow fans and friends. It’s one thing to read a book quietly to yourself, alone, it’s another to share the experience with a group of people. (I think it would make an excellent audio book).

Other highlights for me included hearing Lou Barlow and J Mascis perform solo. (Both of which have toured Australia recently.) But what made the cruise really very special was that it gave me the opportunity to meet many of my online Weezer friends in person. Weezer fans are pretty amazing people.

Great read! I have met Brian and Karl.  Hope to meet Pat, Scott and Rivers someday soon.

this was a fantastic, detailed review! this is my first post on the weezer boards. i'm troublemaker's friend and was her roomie on board the boat and i just wanted to add my own photo album of the cruise to this post... cheggitout! http://tspofyum.blogspot.com/ :)

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