I've heard from multiple sources that Weezer plans to extend the Memories tour. If it's true, obviously we have reason to rejoice. Let's pray for St. Louis or Kansas City.

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Oooh, if they went to Nashville, I'd go to Blue night. Nashville is closer than Chicago. LOL

Go north! Come to Vancouver or Seattle!

Somewhere near Indiana within 3 to 4 hours from there, please.

Explaining Weezer's short-term agenda going into 2011, Cuomo said that they plan to extend the current Memories Tour and continue their trip down the memory lane.

"I'm sure Weezer will just keep touring, and I have a feeling that some of those shows will be these Memories shows, Blue and Pinkerton, and some of the shows will be more like greatest hits, depending on the show," he added.




Let's pray that they will tour Australia next year!!!

Go to CT!

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