How are we all liking the new boards?

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holy smokes! how's it going, doll?
They will soon leave and it will be us old boardies again.
Pretty good...pretty good. Seeing as how the I.T. guy at work caught onto my game, I can't get on here at work anymore :( So, I've been a bit absent. I get on and troll around every now and then though. This is waaaaaay different, but I think I like it!
i'm a fan. it has a mobile page which is a big bonus. a lot more organized for the most part, and the "reply to this" function is great too.
I kind of miss the coziness of the old site, even though I was fairly new to it, and took a lot of beatings initially. Lots of unfamiliar users here. Still warming up to things.
lol...good to know.
It made things interesting for about five seconds, now it's just f****** obnoxious.
I do have to agree that it is ugly. But quite amusing.

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