How are we all liking the new boards?

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It's not bad at all once you get used to it
I like it for the most part. There are a few things that I don't care for, but for the most part it's a lot more user-friendly. I dig the chat room.
Don't worry Blurkom. We'll stick up for you. :)
This is wierd.
At first I was like....WHOA! but now I'm used to it and I like it.
Do not like I had to re set up everything
I like it...I'll be on here a lot more now....
I like that there is a preview of the text of the first post of every thread in the forum topic list - makes it easier to weed out which threads you are actually interested in before you open them.
i like it... just gotta get used to it.
yeah it's coming along it seems, but what's up with all the weirdos in ATNW ;)
Yeah it is coming along. I do not know I don't really care for the layout but will probably just take some time getting used to.
I'm a bit thrown off...and it took me forever to figure out what that stupid bleep bleep was.

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