I'm sober and I'm going to spill it


you kids haven't been broken by the f****** world yet, i wish you love and a happy life


but I assure you your kindness makes you a f****** mark to many people


to be the best man you can be and get shat upon ("SHAT" great word, use it) is the worst feeling in the world, but life isn't fair do not expect it to be


love is a fantasy, a romantic construct, and true love is rare, usually unconditional love from your family if you were lucky enough to be born into a good one.  kids be especially aware of this, when they say that "you will understand one day," it is true- it is realizing THAT fact that has frustrated me most during the process of growing into a man


next, it's all b******* in the end do what makes you happy


sometimes faith in humanity can wane, right now my view is that I am not meant for better things apart from improving myself as a human being, alone. i still have faith because there are a few good people here and there


some unsolicited advice? want a girl? be a F****** douche a-h*** because apparently that's what they want or else be a nice, solid, sturdy man and end up a f****** doormat, yes i am being cynical but there is some truth in this


no I am not bitter, this is reality


are there any girls out there that want to be treated right and would in fact appreciate it?


nope, they are taken, and moreover likely taken for granted


I missed the boat by making wrong choices and learning my lessons too late


let me serve as an example to others


guys, if you find that very rare, good woman, HOLD ONTO HER, for she is priceless


I'm not perfect, but hear these words for they are true


to the few good women out there, GOD BLESS YOU, you are the face of God on earth


people are judgmental, f*** them and if your man is worth his salt he will know that it is what's on the INSIDE that counts


don't let ANYONE slight you for perceived imperfections, your heart is what counts


whatever you look like, whatever you feel like, wherever you came from, whatever issues you think you may have, a kind heart is rare and precious and if one takes advantage of it and can't recognize the value of a kind heart be strong enough to let them go


cliche is a pejorative term, but they are truisms, and in the end it is true that looks mean very little, it IS what is on the inside that counts


you mean nothing unless your heart is true


and I am meaningless unless I am a good man, and being a good man is where it's at, they are rare


I apologize but I am not embarrassed in any way, I do not usually open up, but I have friends here and I value you more than you know


What all started with me f****** around on the internet at work turned out pretty well. Birdie, Crystal, Anne, Jon, YOU Berry and yes even you TIAR you bastard have offered me more insight and laughter over the past few years than I could ever put a price on and that has made my life better, even if only a bit in the grand scheme of things. Much love to my cousin Aegeantyphoon. Placemats, I hope to make a new friend soon.


I demand funny/mocking responses, i expect nothing less from you all and I love you for it. And know I love you in a special way. It's the f****** internet for christ's sake, but that type of filter lets your personalities shine through unperverted by superficialities that aren't obvious in this type of medium. (I think I just made up some words.)


Thank you for letting me vent. Sometimes one needs to scream into outer space where only nebulae listen. Peace to all, and if anyone ever needs anything know that you can count on me. I am not ambitious, but I try to make the world a better place even if it's a small gesture.


-Demetrius (AKA HoC, backing you up until the end brothers and sisters)

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ah the good old days

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