now then, next year will be two decades of the band. naturally as a fan i hope that this will be celebrated by a big tour, you know all the usual landmark anniversary stuff.

although if we step out side the box of, "come to england/ france/ austrailia/ brazil" i would like to see weezer do something different. here are some thoughts.....

1) a big mahoosive Foozer tour?
2) weezer picks  some members on here then plays in their home town ?

3) and because i have run out of ideas................we all (meaning everyone on this site) meet in hong kong for a massive party and get tattoo's

now we all love discussion here so what 3 things would you like to see happen when weezer turns 20?

*but don't write too much i dont like big paragraphs.

*and no crazy suggestions about a6

lots of love.



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Hello friends!

The tour is a great idea, but the meeting in hong kong would be very difficult for people like me that site, an idea is going to be able quam hong kong go,and who can not fassa a party with lovers in your state weezer , film, takepictures and then put everything on the site as a gift to the fans.

It's an idea.

yes. mahoosive foozer tour at my home town. make it happen, weez

Farkas said:
yes. mahoosive foozer tour at my home town. make it happen, weez

Weezer to do a entire concert 1 with Mikey and 1 with Matt.

Play at countries they would definetly not usually play at.

Release a Greatest Hits album so far.....(with loads of pictures over there entire career)

please no greatest hits album. Photo album/book thing would be cool. I'd buy.
someone take it outside and put it out of its misery

Dorian Zelaya said:
bring back Matt for a reunion tour
thats all i can think of
Do a memories tour with more cities
I'm not gonna lie.  I'd love a return of the foozer.  Since we got Memories already, just incorporate maybe a longer set with a larger mix of classics and rarities ala Memories but maybe not playing the entire albums again.
what does mahoosive mean
i think it is a ancient term from the lost Gaul civilization meaning massive and huge at the same time

scholars have determined that in that era huge was spelt 'hooge' thus........mahoosive

Wilford Brimleyž (diabeetužž) said:
what does mahoosive mean

Umm... they should have a big party and invite all of their .com and a6 fans. :-D


No really... I think a great tour would be freaking awesome. As someone said previously... kinda like the Memories tour but maybe a longer set. That'd rooocccckkkkk!!!!

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