now then, next year will be two decades of the band. naturally as a fan i hope that this will be celebrated by a big tour, you know all the usual landmark anniversary stuff.

although if we step out side the box of, "come to england/ france/ austrailia/ brazil" i would like to see weezer do something different. here are some thoughts.....

1) a big mahoosive Foozer tour?
2) weezer picks  some members on here then plays in their home town ?

3) and because i have run out of ideas................we all (meaning everyone on this site) meet in hong kong for a massive party and get tattoo's

now we all love discussion here so what 3 things would you like to see happen when weezer turns 20?

*but don't write too much i dont like big paragraphs.

*and no crazy suggestions about a6

lots of love.



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Garrett Sorensen said:


damination {spaz} said:


Garrett Sorensen said:


I can't blame you since I hadn't heard of them till 2 years ago, and at that point I thought I had found every good varied rock band. To state in plainly, Sloan is the modern Beatles with 4 songwriters/singers & 10 albums, yet for some reason they never hit outside of Canada. I recommend you youtube them and watch some of their videos  or Unkind, Rest of my Life, Money City Maniacs, Witches Wand, Coax Me etc. and if you are a Weezer fan and a classic rock fan you may have just found another favorite band.

BTW: They backed up Rivers on the Little Diane song, so at least he knows who they are.

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