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Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!! Wish i could of went to these shows.

So amazing to see Weezer play these songs. I still remember Rivers teasing us fans with part of Pinkerton songs during tours before he played another song. Pinkerton is my favorite album of all time and i'm so glad to see Rivers finally embrace it :).
Butterfly is epic
It's really cool to see just the 4 of them on stage like it used to be. It's cool and fun when they switch up instruments and try different stuff sometimes, but I'm one of those people who still likes the majority of their set to just be the 4 of them doing what they do best. I can't wait for the Chicago memories shows!
Awesome videos!! Can't wait for my show!
So quick question to anyone who went to this long into the show was it before Weezer took the stage? That is, how long did the opening act perform? I only ask because I REALLY want to attend this show but probably wouldn't be able to get to the venue until around 8 pm (the show is slated to start at 7). Thanks to anyone who has info!

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